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Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 17:09:55 EST 2006

Victor Ivrii wrote:

> On 12/1/06, Alain Schremmer <Schremmer.Alain at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I agree with all of the above—for what my agreement is worth but I would
>> just like to add one item:
>> People tend to be "reactive" rather than "creative"—the latter in a very
>> restricted sense of the word and people generally hate to be 
>> misunderstood.
>> Say A makes a point. Generally, A's post being the first one on this
>> point is not "reactive" and tends to be relaxed—even if not clear and
>> precise. But what is particularly annoying to A is when after A tried to
>> explain something c;early—at least in his/her own eyes, B, for whatever
>> reason and in whatever manner, miss or ignore the point entirely.
> When A makes some point he/she expects certain reaction, right? Now
> the good question what reaction expected Bruno when mentioned M$W in
> this list? It was doomed to generate a discussion between M$-bashers
> like me and members of PETMU [Peole for Etical Treatment of Micro$oft
> Users] like you. 

Precisely what reaction did you expect from the latter? (I try, indeed, 
to be ethical. Don't you? (Moreover, from a practical point of view, I 
don't see the point of forcing people or treating them with 
contempt—even behind their back—since neither is going to win them over.)

In fact this is a case in point of what I advanced: I made that same 
particular point all along but, obviously, not well enough to make 
myself understood.

> I am not saying that Bruno should not start it, but
> the reaction was absolutely predictable.

If you mean that agitating a red flag under the nose of a bull is 
predictably dangerous and that it is not the fault of the bull since the 
bull has no brain to speak of, I agree. But then Voisin might not have 
realized there were bulls on the list.

> Also, what reaction was expecting CG posting the private email from GW?

As far as I know, he didn't say. Personally, I think he was a bit of 
both A and B. I hope he recovers.

> And finally what expected the author of this thread? The total
> agreement that we are very nice and civilized people but we need to be
> even nicer and more civilized? He got it (in this case I join the
> chorus) :-)
>> So, while B has that glass of wine before responding to A, and possibly
>> nailing her/him down, I would suggest s/he reread A's post a couple of
>> time, really trying to see it from A's viewpoint. This of course does
>> not imply that B should try to agree with A. B should try to see exactly
>> what A was trying—and possibly failing to say—and this even if only
>> better to nail A down.
> Agreed.
> So let everybody have a very nice weekend with the glass of
> wine/beer/champagne/cognac/liqueur/vodka whatever one prefers.

In spite of the above severe provocation, I will drink to this last.


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