[OS X TeX] quotation marks

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 24 07:05:20 EST 2006

On 24-dec-2006, at 12:18, Doris Wagner wrote:

> can anyone tell me how I can produce the \char96 (which is in  
> unicode U+2018) on the keyboard of an ibook? I refer here to the T1- 
> encoding.
> the usual \char39 (U+2019) I get right of the :/; and it is not  
> what I want...
> I need this character for the german beginning-quotation-marks...I  
> could also use \char18, but I really wonder where this \char96 can  
> be found on my mac-keyboard, since on my pc I found it at once and  
> now I am stubborn and don't want to miss something on a mac which  
> is available on a pc...

I don't know what keyboard layout you're using, so I can't answer  
your question. I can however help you find it yourself.

1) Open system preferences > International > Input Menu.
2) Make sure "Character Palette" and "Keyboard Viewer" are checked,  
along with probably US English and German keyboard layouts.
3) Close the preferences again.
4) From the input menu (the flag in the right of the menu-bar) choose  
"Character Palette". This allows me to see which character you  
actually meant. The unicode name is "LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK" and  
"RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK", i.e. ‘ and ’. (for a while I was  
France, and I believe in reverse order in Germany as well).

5) In TeX this is easy: type ` and ', and in the end all will be OK.  
The ` is the back-tick (GRAVE ACCENT, U+0060). On my keyboard it is  
the unshifted tilde.

For other text you may want to try option-] and option-shift-] (use  
[ for the double quotation mark version). To check where they are  
hiding in your layout: Open the "Keyboard Viewer" from the input  
menu, select a sensible font (Lucida Grande for instance), and play  
with option, shift to see where they hide.

T1 encoding has to do with the way the font is organised, not with  
the way you type your text, that is an input encoding.


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