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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Thu Jan 5 18:23:38 EST 2006

Hi Maarten, and others.

On 06/01/2006, at 8:48 AM, Maarten Sneep wrote:

> You may want to add some code to set a default inside the tex file,  
> and you'll need to remove the \typein.
> I tried some code to test whether the \if was defined, but that is  
> hard. Perhaps try a different approach (note this is untested, and  
> unsupported by me):
> with exercises:
> pdflatex \\def\\IncludeExercisesThisRun{} \\input yourfile.tex

Along these lines, and with slightly less typing, is to use
one of TeX's existing count registers; e.g.,

  pdflatex \\count0=1 \\input yourfile.tex

> without exercises:
> pdflatex yourfile.tex
> with the following in the file:
> \newif\ifexercises
> \ifx\IncludeExercisesThisRun\undefined
> \exercisesfalse
> \else
> \exercisestrue
> \fi
> and the rest as before. This basically turns the existence of a  
> macro into a boolean flag, which you then use to define the flag  
> you're really interested in.

Test the value of the counter early in the preamble of your document,
to allow you to choose from a number of different possibilities:

  ... what to do when it is 0 ...
  ... what to do when it is 1 ...
  ... what to do when it is 2 ...
        ... more cases ...
   ... what to do otherwise ...
\count0 = 1

Since \count0 is the usual page-counter, then you'd better set it
back to its normal starting value of 1.

If you use a different count-register, then you'd better check
what is it's normal starting value.
  \count255  has value  255 *before* the \documentclass command,
but 92 afterwards --- indeed, doubtless this depends upon which
class and options have been used.

> Maarten

This kind of technique is most convenient for command-line users
of (La)TeX. It can also be used with TeXShop by editing the commands
in the "Engine" panel of TeXShop's "Preferences..." screen.

Hope this helps,


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