[OS X TeX] Installing RTF2LaTeX2e

Victor Ivrii vivrii at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 20:34:10 EDT 2006

On 7/15/06, André Bellaïche <abellaic at math.jussieu.fr> wrote:
> Thanks for your help. I have made much progress. In fact, the problem
> lies in Mac/Unix, not in any TeX distribution or tool.
> Maybe I should post on another list, but I want first this
> installation problem sorted out. I work on a Imac PPC, with MacOS X
> 10.4.7
> What I have found is that :
> -- The file /usr/local/rtf2latex2e/rtf2latex2e.bin is not considered
> as an application, although ls -l gives :
>                                                          -rwxrwxrwx
> 1 andre  admin  410356 Jan 28  2004 rtf2latex2e.bin
> If you go to /usr/local/rtf2latex2e and type rtf2latex2e or
> rtf2latex2e.bin, you get :
>                                                          -bash:
> rtf2latex2e: command not found
>                                                          -bash:
> rtf2latex2e.bin: command not found
> -- The link in /usr/local/bin to /usr/local/rtf2latex2e/
> rtf2latex2e.bin existed already (installed by i-installer, sorry
> Gerben), but it lead to a non-application.

I beg to differ:

Mac applications are usually not files but folders from the point of
view of UNIX
and they have extension .app

UNIX commands are not Mac applications but they are executables and
the extension
does not matter at all

> -- No one of the files in /usr/local/bin is considered as an
> application. Go to this directory and type the name of any file, say
> ps2pdf, you get
>                                             -bash: ps2pdf: command
> not found
> instead af a error message saying "filename missing".

Now, to call (UNIX) command by name, let, showtrick this command
should be executable (otherwise "permission denied" and it also should
either reside in the directory in your path (so if calling command
sitting in /usr/local/bin returns "command not found" something is
wrong with your path. Try

%echo $path

. (current directory) is not normally in the path and it is definitely
not recommended to include it. So to call command in . which is not in
the path call

Also you can call command by either absolute path to it or by respective path
(the previous is a simplest example)

> -- All the files in /usr/bin are executables : try 'zip' and you get
> full instructions for use of 'zip'.
> Question : how to make files with all the needed  x's in /usr/local
> and subdirectories real executables, just as the files in /usr/bin ?
> Another question : it seems that the password neded to log as root is
> not the same as the one which allows you to sudo. True? Or is my
> computer sick? (I had forgot the root password, so I had to change
> it, using the installation disk. But the system would not accept the
> new root password as a sudo password.)

Actually Mac user knowing well UNIX gets the best of both words and
with Parallels (f.e.) one can run Windows (there are sometimesspecific
Windows applications)



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