[OS X TeX] Re: Xindy?

Simon Spiegel simon at simifilm.ch
Tue Jul 18 01:37:58 EDT 2006

On 18.07.2006, at 01:40, Joachim Schrod wrote:

> Simon Spiegel wrote:
>> I use jurabib's authorformat=indexed function which automatically  
>> creates index entries for all quoted authors. Typically, jurabib  
>> will produce something like this:
>> \indexentry{Sobchack, Vivian~Carol=Sobchack, Vivian~Carol| 
>> hyperpage}{199}
>> Problem 1: For some reason, jurabib doesn't use @ for "actual" but  
>> =. With makeindex this can easily be fixed with a style file.  
>> After lots of googling and consulting the LaTeX companion I'm  
>> still not sure whether this can be achieved with xindy.
> Sorry, but this is not supported by the xindy distribution. I have  
> a patch that adds this, but this patch has not been incorporated yet.
>> Problem 2 (and the reason I tried xindy): I have this bibtex entry
>> @incollection{sklovskij.v:1969a,
>>     Address = {M{\"u}nchen},
>>     Author = {{\v S}klovskij, Viktor},
>>     Booktitle = {Texte der Russsischen Formalisten},
>>     Editor = {Jurij Striedter},
>>     Year = {1969}}
>> When I quote this, jurabib creates this index entry:
>> \indexentry{{\v S}klovskij, Viktor={\v S}klovskij, Viktor| 
>> hyperpage}{195}
>> This entry, isn't sorted under s by makeindex, but right at the  
>> beginning, even before numerals. I thought that xindy could handle  
>> this. But so far, I've been unable to achieve any better results.
>> texindy -L german-duden testindex.idx and texindy -L german-din  
>> testindex.idx behave exactly like makeindex, putting the entry at  
>> the beginning.
> The heuristic that tries to find out the encoding that is used  
> during sorting fails here and mixes up latin1 and latin2. (latin1  
> is the default encoding used internally, `\v S' does not exist in  
> latin1 and is pulled from latin2.) This leads to the wrong sorting  
> of `\v S'. When
> texindy -L german-din -C latin1 testindex.idx
> is used, the sorting succeeds: Here `\v S' is forced to be unknown  
> and the macro \v is simply ignored.

Thanks for the quick answer. Looks like there's no automated solution  
for what I want. Either way, whether I use makeindex or xindy, I have  
to manually "clean" the .idx file. makeindex can't properly sort '\v  
S' and xindy can't handle '=' as actual.



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