[OS X TeX] ImageMagick (Intel) Glitch ?

Wendy McKay wgm at cds.caltech.edu
Thu Jul 20 13:38:17 EDT 2006

Dear Kyle,

Thanks your for your kind words.
Sorry to hear about the problem with ImageMagick.

I will pass on the message to the creator of the package,
and also to the mailing list in case there are other Lyx users with
an Intel MacBook Pro who have had the same problem.

I hope it can be resolved soon. Good Luck!

Dear Users of Lyx on the 
	TeX on Mac OS X Mailing List <MacOSX-TeX at email.esm.psu.edu>
Can anyone help track down the answer to this problem?
Please cc a  reply to
	Kyle Lundstedt <kylelundstedt at hotmail.com>


On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, mactex-support-form at tug.org wrote:
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> Email: mactex-support-form at tug.org 
> DATE SENT: July 20, 2006 
> MESSAGE: Hey all, As a LyX user, I depend on MacTeX as a "one stop shop" for getting 
> LaTeX downloaded and configured on my Macs.  Thanks so much for all of 
> your hard work; I know there's many folks out there like me who really 
> appreciate it.
> I found a problem that I thought you might want to know about.  I just 
> downloaded and installed MacTeX recently on a MacBook Pro (Intel).  
> While most things worked like a charm, I think I found a problem with 
> ImageMagick.
> While using LyX, I noticed that included graphics in PDF format were not 
> being converted.  I used LyX's debugger, and found the convertor program 
> wasn't working.  I then went to the command line, and tried to use 
> ImageMagick to convert a few files.
> If I understand the output below, it appears that ImageMagick was 
> installed, but the libraries (?) required for converting certain file 
> formats were not.  For example, I can see the ImageMagick binary file 
> "convert", but using convert to change PDF to PNG or TIFF to PNG gives 
> me a error - "no decode delegate for this file format".
> I really appreciate your conversion of ImageMagick to work on OS X 
> Intel.  Is there something I can do to complete the installation?
> Thanks!
> Kyle
> ---------
> KylePro:/usr/local/bin kyle$ ls
> Magick++-config dumphint        gs-noX11        libwmf-config   printafm        showfond
> Magick-config   dvipdf          gsbj            libwmf-fontmap  ps2ascii        tclsh8.4
> Wand-config     eps2eps         gsdj            lprsetup.sh     ps2epsi         tobin
> animate         fixmswrd.pl     gsdj500         mogrify         ps2pdf          ufond
> bdftops         fondu           gslj            montage         ps2pdf12        unix-lpr.sh
> compare         font2c          gslp            pdf2dsc         ps2pdf13        wftopfa
> composite       fontforge       gsnd            pdf2ps          ps2pdf14        wish8.4
> conjure         freetype-config identify        pdfopt          ps2pdfwr        wmf2eps
> convert         frombin         import          pf2afm          ps2ps           wmf2fig
> dfont2res       gs              libpng-config   pfaedit         pv.sh           wmf2gd
> display         gs-X11          libpng12-config pfbtopfa        sfddiff         wmf2svg
> KylePro:/usr/local/bin kyle$ convert ~/Desktop/CtoDeffects.pdf ~/Desktop/CtoDeffects.png
> convert: no decode delegate for this image format `/Users/kyle/Desktop/CtoDeffects.pdf'.
> convert: missing an image filename `/Users/kyle/Desktop/CtoDeffects.png'.
> KylePro:/usr/local/bin kyle$ convert ~/Desktop/CtoDeffects.tiff ~/Desktop/CtoDeffects.png
> convert: no decode delegate for this image format `/Users/kyle/Desktop/CtoDeffects.tiff'.
> convert: missing an image filename `/Users/kyle/Desktop/CtoDeffects.png'.

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> SENDER'S NAME: Kyle Lundstedt
> SUBJECT: MacTeX on OS X Intel:  ImageMagick problem
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