[OS X TeX] teXshop displays

Manan Ahmed mahmed at midway.uchicago.edu
Tue Mar 14 20:12:28 EST 2006

Dear Richard,

Somehow or the other, I managed to make it work. I copied the  
TeXShop.plist from my laptop over as well as replaced my TeXShop  
folder with yours...and it WORKED!

My windows are visible again.

As far as I can see there were two issues:

1. The plist file was corrupted
2. Something wrong on my system which prevented TeXShop from creating  
a new plist file.

I will investigate #2 further but for now, the storm has passed. Viva  
system backups!

Now, back to dissertating.

Manan Ahmed
South Asian Languages and Civilization
University of Chicago

On Mar 14, 2006, at 6:39 PM, Richard Koch wrote:

> Manan,
> If both 1.43 and 2.09 fail for you, I begin to suspect that something
> is wrong with your system rather than TeXShop. Let me suggest one
> more test for today. If this fails, I'm probably going to have to  
> bail out
> until the week is over because I'm finishing teaching a course. But
> feel free to write again this weekend.
> Wait a minute. Let's try some other experiments. First, I wonder if  
> your
> library folder is writeable. If not, that could explain everything.
> Please use Terminal, change to your home directory,
> and type
> 	ls -l
> Then look at Library. I expect to see permissions drwx------
> Is that what you see? Do you own the Library, so the entry reads
> 	drwx------   45  koch  koch    1530  Jan 28  18:04  Library
> This is what I see and several things will be different, but you get
> the idea.
> Next I'm going to send you my TeXShop folder, zipped. Please
> unzip this and put it in your Library folder. Now what happens?
> Dick
> <TeXShop.zip>
> On Mar 14, 2006, at 4:31 PM, Manan Ahmed wrote:
>> I removed both .plist and the folder. Ran 1.4.3.
>> It did not create a new TeXShop folder.
>> I am running 10.4.5.
>> I have 140+G free.
>> I have ran permission-repair on the disk a few times, just in case.
>> Just to check: I ran latex from the command-line and it worked fine.
>> m
>> On Mar 14, 2006, at 6:16 PM, Richard Koch wrote:
>>> Manan,
>>> We need to take this slowly.
>>> I want you to remove ~/Library/Preferences/TeXShop.plist and put  
>>> it in a
>>> folder in your home directory  where you can find it later. Then  
>>> I want you to
>>> remove the entire folder ~/Library/TeXShop and put it in the same  
>>> place.
>>> Please make sure no copy of TeXShop is running when you do this.
>>> Then I want you to run TeXShop 1.43.
>>> Did a new plist file appear? Did a new TeXShop folder appear?
>>> What system are you using? How much free space do you have on the
>>> disk?
>>> Dick
>>> koch at math.uoregon.edu

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