[OS X TeX] Re: [XeTeX] texdoc, was: Microtypography?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue May 9 07:50:26 EDT 2006

Le 9 mai 06 à 13:19, Peter Dyballa a écrit :

> You need to install a real bunch of software!
> It's just one Perl "module" -- but it's vast. To start with: 'sudo - 
> H cpan install perltk' ...
> You will be asked many questions before, then the cpan programme  
> will fetch, out-pack, configure, make, check, and install the  
> module and all other Perl modules that might be needed as pre- 
> requisites. It will create its own tree of files and directories in  
> root's home directory, i.e. /var/root/.cpan. (I have there over 100  
> MB!)
> When you invoke 'sudo cpan ...' cpan will create in your home  
> directory the .cpan tree, completely owned by root. Cpan seems to  
> be a bit stupid compared to Fink or Darwinports: it does not seem  
> to automatically update a package that has changed, although it  
> first fetches from the CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)  
> the newest module descriptions -- or I missed something.

Many thanks for the clarification! I was quite lost here, having  
realized that "use Tk" in the Perl script texdoctk was producing the  
error message about a missing file Tk.pm (apparently defining the  
interaction of Perl and Tk), but not knowing what to do from there.

Given the extent of the additional installation to perform, I'll wait  
for some more input (if any) in this thread before installing  
anything. I must admit I'm a bit surprised that teTeX doesn't provide  
a complete setup in this respect.

> Bruno, please pay attention to the two really different names:  
> texdoc and texdoctk. The former is just a shell script (and I think  
> there is nothing in teTeX or gwTeX that 'configures' it), and the  
> other is a graphical application, that itself can use texdoc for  
> not to decide itself which application will show the doc. In my  
> ~/.texdocrc I have set texdoc as handler for some document types in  
> texdoctk, as I did before in GNU or Carbon Emacs and its AUCTeX mode.

The issue seems confusing: despite the location (inside a texdoctk  


the file texdocrc.defaults relates actually to texdoc, not texdoctk.  
It's used by default unless the user has set up a ~/.texdocrc,  

	# TeXdoc defaults configuration file
	# Uncomment and edit settings according to your system
	# These defaults will be overridden by entries in users' ~/.texdocrc  
	# which can be generated from copies of this file

> Indeed, using the default value of "open" as viewer will ask Mac OS  
> X to find out which file type this document is and then use the Mac  
> OS X application to display the file. I only wonder whether this  
> Mac OS engine makes the right decisions and is able to determine  
> the kind of a plain UNIX file ... (opening it in a sound editor?)

I think these decisions are those performed by the user for any given  
file extension, using the Finder's Get Info window for any file  
(through "Open with" and "Change All...").

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