[OS X TeX] Re: Installing a package on Mac-TeX -- chess

Oleg Kobchenko olegykj at yahoo.com
Mon May 22 20:10:58 EDT 2006


So you solved the installation problem for one set of
packages. But you see, it's monolythic, when any
of the packages changes, you need to rebuild your
whole bundle, otherwise it gets outdated.
I was looking for something that would be outside
thus independent of packages and their versions.

But that's a good starting point. My particular issue
was with chess, so your bundle is very relevant. 

With this regard, is this all that is needed to
render chess in LaTeX? I want both freeform
intuitive board syntax (like ASCII art) and
PGN. Don't I also need the chess and/or chessfss packages?

Also I think there is confusion in naming the packages:
In Installing Mac SkakNew.pdf it refers to "skaknew"
the its own package, whereas the fonts package is called
"SkakNew fonts". On the other hand, on TUG, the fonts
packages is called "skaknew":
Also see the phrase "The skak and *skaknew* documentation 
has been changed to use the *skaknew* package."

--- Herbert Schulz <herbs at wideopenwest.com> wrote:

> On May 21, 2006, at 11:05 PM, Oleg Kobchenko wrote:
> > For example, "skak" has three folder: doc, tex and
> > mf, "chessfss" has a "bundle" in *.ins files, which
> > first need to be latexed then put somewhere.

> Howdy,
> While it is still using the older (pre-chessfss) version of the skak  
> package I put together a skaknew package a while ago which includes  
> the skaknew type1 fonts (no need to install the mf fonts) and the  
> skaknew.sty package is set to use those fonts. It also comes with  
> instructions on where to put everything.
> Once you have that installed and running it is fairly easy to know  
> where to replace the old packages with the new ones. I tend to put  
> all related packages in a single folder in the proper location; e.g.,  
> chessfss.sty goes with skak.sty. Remember to call the new skak  
> package with the skaknew option so it properly uses the type1 fonts.
> You can get this from my download site, <http://homepage.mac.com/ 
> herbs2/>, as MacSkakNew.zip. There is a related zipped folder up  
> there, DropPgn2Ltx.zip, that has a dropscript for converting pgn  
> files to skak(new) files.
> One of these days I'll get around to replacing the MacSkakNew.zip  
> with one with the latest version of skak.
> There is also another
> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz
> (herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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