[OS X TeX] TeXLive install issues

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Nov 10 05:58:13 EST 2006

Two issues related to the dual teTeX- and TeXLive-based setups:

- How to force TeX support packages to offer the choice of TeX  
install location? When switching back and forth several times between  
teTeX and TeXLive on two Macs (PowerBook and MacPro), I was once  
asked by the CM-Super i-Package to choose the install location  
(between teTeX/share/texmf.local and TeXLive/texmf.pkgs). But only  
once: in all other circumstances, CM-Super selected an install  
location on its own initiative. As a result, right now after moving  
back to TeXLive (Install & Configure) I re-installed CM-Super and  
realized it was installed in the teTeX tree (I am keeping both on my  
machines for now). I ended up using the "Change Install Location"  
button manually.

- How to install XeTeX with the TeXLive-based setup on a PPC? This  
setup does not contain PPC XeTeX binaries. And you cannot use, I  
think, the various available install methods (using Apple's Installer  
and the .pkg distro, using i-Installer and the .ii2 distro, compiling  
from source) for installing these binaries, given they also install a  
bunch of support files in texmf.local, whereas these support files  
are already present at the appropriate places inside the  
texmf.texlive tree.

What I'll be trying right now is compiling from source using the  
build-xetex script, then edit the script install-xetex by commenting  
out the lines:

> # copy our texmf additions into the local texmf tree
> texmflocal=`kpsewhich --var-value TEXMFLOCAL`
> if [ "x${texmflocal}" == "x" ]; then
> 	# if --var-value didn't work, try to find the definition in the  
> texmf.cnf file
> 	CNF=`kpsewhich texmf.cnf`
> 	texmflocal=`sed -rne "s/^[ \t]*TEXMFLOCAL[ \t]*=[ \t]*(\/[^ \t] 
> +).*/\1/p" ${CNF}`
> fi
> mkdir -p ${texmflocal}
> if [ -d texmf/.svn ]; then
> 	# if we're installing from a Subversion WC, make a copy and clean  
> it up
> 	# (don't rely on svn export here in case svn isn't in the current  
> 	cp -pRf texmf Work/texmf-nosvn
> 	find Work/texmf-nosvn -depth \( -name ".svn" -or -name ".DS*" \) - 
> exec rm -rf {} \;
> 	cp -pRf Work/texmf-nosvn/* ${texmflocal}/
> 	rm -r Work/texmf-nosvn
> else
> 	cp -pRf texmf/* ${texmflocal}/
> fi
> find texmf -type f -and -not -path "*/.*" -print | sed -e "s@^texmf@ 
> ${texmflocal}@" >> ${filelist}

and run the modified script. Is there a more straightforward procedure?

Bruno Voisin
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