[OS X TeX] Update of two i-Packages

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Nov 21 17:08:54 EST 2006

Le 21 nov. 06 à 22:28, Philipp Mathey a écrit :

> Just to clarify, my questions are :
> 1) both i-packages can coexist, correct ?

Yes. Both can be installed on the same machine. teTeX goes to /usr/ 
local/teTeX, TeXLive to /usr/local/TeXLive.

> 2) switching from one to the other involves :
> running "Configure only " in i-installer, and ...?

Exactly. When running "Configure only" for either TeX i-Package  
(teTeX-based or TeXLive-based), use Expert mode and check only the  
step called something like "CLI activation". This will modify the  
following files:


such that the appropriate directory (/usr/local/teTeX or /usr/local/ 
TeXLive) is used in the future. See the lines

## TeX modifications start [...]

at the end of each file.

You can switch back and forth between the two installs as often as  
you like.

> E.g. does the location of cm-super fonts have to be changed and the
> cm-super fonts be reinstalled ?

You need to have the CM-Super fonts installed for each i-Package. A  
possibility: "activate" one i-Package as just described, install the  
CM-Super fonts; activate the other i-Package, install the CM-Super  
fonts again. You should then have one copy of the fonts in each i- 

> 3) when using XeTeX (assuming both TeX i-packages are installed) :
> so for the switch
> TeX (tetex) i-package --> TeX (TeXLive) i-package
> I would need to :
> 1. uninstall the XeTeX i-package
> 2. run "Configure Only" for the TeX (TeXLive) i-package
> and for the switch
> TeX (TeXLive) i-package --> TeX (tetex) i-package
> I would need to
> 1. run "Configure Only" for the TeX (tetex) i-package
> 2. install the XeTeX i-package.

As of now, XeTeX is a bit broken in the TeXLive i-Package. I think  
Gerben has modified the i-Package yesterday night to fix this, but I  
haven't really tested it. In the future XeTeX will be fully  
integrated within TeXLive, so that you won't have to install it  

What I do personally (but I wouldn't advise it to others): install  
the TeX i-Package (either teTeX- or TeXLive-based), then compile and  
install XeTeX from source on top of it. In case you feel adventurous,  
here's how it goes (the following assumes you've got Apple's Xcode  
installed already):

- Get the XeTeX and xdvipdfmx source tarballs at:


- Follow the instructions (originally for Linux) at:


Minimal adaptation is required for xdvipdfmx.

- For XeTeX this means, after unpacking the tarball TRUNK.tar.gz to ~/ 
Desktop/xetex/TRUNK say, that you type in Terminal ($ represents the  

$ cd Desktop/xetex/TRUNK
$ sh build-xetex
$ sudo sh install-xetex

- For xdvipdfmx this means, after unpacking the tarball TRUNK.tar.gz  
to ~/Desktop/xdvipdfmx say, that you type in Terminal:

$ cd Desktop/xdvipdfmx/TRUNK
$ sh configure --with-kpathsea=/usr/local/TeXLive --with-ft2lib=/usr/ 
local/lib/libfreetype.a --with-ft2include=/usr/local/include/freetype2
$ make
$ sudo make install

The second instruction (starting with "sh configure" and ending with  
"freetype2") should all go on one line, even if this list's email  
server breaks it into several lines. I would never have found the  
required environment settings on this line myself; credit goes of  
course to Jonathan Kew on the XeTeX mailing list.

You're done!

> By the way, what is the main difference between TeXLive and tetex ?

teTeX is dead, TeXLive lives!

Bruno Voisin

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