[OS X TeX] Inclusion of TIFF files

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Sep 7 11:00:30 EDT 2006

Ross, Pete,

Thanks for your suggestions. I tried both.

Le 6 sept. 06 à 23:25, Ross Moore a écrit :

> Have you tried using  eps2eps  (a wrapper for Ghostscript).
> [...]
> I'm not sure whether this removes objects that are hidden,
> or just translates every polygon into lower-level primitives.
> In any case, the rendering should become much faster.

I wasn't aware of the existence of this script. It does indeed make  
the Illustrator EPS files smaller, by about a factor of 2: from 40 MB  
to 18 MB. Not small enough, though, for inclusion in a document to be  
made available online (i.e. a preprint).

Le 6 sept. 06 à 23:06, Peter Dyballa a écrit :

> Use PNG to integrate the graphics into LaTeX's PDF output, attach  
> the TIFF versions to your eMail!

I didn't know PNG could have the same resolution as TIFF, I thought  
it was essentially a substitute for GIF, that is for small images and  
small resolutions. (On second thought: I should have known better,  
given PNG is the default format for Tiger screenshots, of course.)

Based on the same Illustrator EPS file, of about 40 MB, conversion to  
600 dpi PNG produces a smaller file, of about 1 MB, than conversion  
to 600 dpi TIFF with LZW compression, which produces a file of about  
2.5 MB. So far so good.

However, when including these files in the paper which uses them,  
here's what I get, surprisingly:

- Use of EPS files with dvips, or PDF files with pdfTeX: the final  
PDF file for the paper is 72 MB. Surreal -- but nice!

- Use of PNG files with either pdfTeX or XeTeX: the final PDF file  
for the paper is 16 MB.

- Use of TIFF files with XeTeX: the final PDF file for the paper is  
10 MB.

Hence, even if the individual TIFF files are bigger than the  
individual PNG files, the inclusion of several of them in a XeTeX  
document produces a result that is actually smaller than with PNG.

Moreover, looking at the final PDF files in Acrobat, the one  
including TIFF files looks nicer (less artefacts, nicer edges and  
lines) than the one including PNG files (both at 600 dpi).

Too bad, as this means I'll have to give up for now on my beloved  
Lucida fonts: TIFF requires XeTeX, and XeTeX doesn't support virtual  
fonts at present, which Lucida fonts requires in LaTeX. I'll live  
with that ;-)

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