[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.2.8

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Thu Sep 14 00:52:52 EDT 2006

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk 1.2.8  
is available for download at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.  This  
release was delayed far longer than we originally hoped, but it has  
numerous new features and many bugs have been fixed, including some  
critical crashing bugs.  Additionally, several operations (including  
opening/saving files, opening editor windows, and sorting) are also  
significantly faster; we're not sure that anyone cares about speed in  
a bibliography program, but some of us think that playing with Shark  
and OmniObjectMeter is a fun way to optimize code.

Thanks to those of you who reported problems in 1.2.7 and our nightly  
builds!  Please continue to report bugs at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=61487&atid=497423 
 > so we can track their progress.

Unfortunately, the number of changes makes reading the release notes  
even more boring than usual, but since we took the time to write them,  
here they are:

### New Features ###

   *  Added ISO Latin 9 to list of supported encodings
   *  Re-added support for setting an item's URL based on its  
Spotlight comment as hidden default (RFE #1417089); enable with  
`defaults write edu.ucsd.cs.mmccrack.bibdesk  
BDSKShouldUseSpotlightCommentForURL 1`
   *  Can now use an HTML template for the document preview pane  
(accessory files don't work with this)
   *  Added context menus in editor buttons and main table to open  
files/URLs using a particular application (RFE #1519031)
   *  Added group highlighting for static and smart groups to indicate  
   *  Crossreferenced items are now included when e-mailing pubs
   *  Text import now has optional action/context menu option to paste  
and convert to plain text (RFE #1490863)
   *  Added menu option to show the intersection of selected groups  
instead of the union (default behavior)
   *  Added Mail-like interface for date ranges in smart groups (bug  
   *  Added format specifier for boolean and tri-state fields
   *  Added preference for selecting the intersection of groups,  
rather than the union
   *  Editor action menu and new "Add" button are now in the status bar
   *  Context menu for PDF views now allows copying a single page as  
PDF (10.4 only)
   *  Use currently sorted column for type-select
   *  Improved type-select, rotate between identical items
   *  Warn before generating a cite key when one was set (RFE #1538352)
   *  New feature to locate phaned files, i.e. files in the Papers  
Folder that are not linked in an open document (10.4 only)
   *  Keep information in text import when adding a new item while  
holding the Option key
   *  Auto file when the Local-Url format uses unique specifiers does  
not move when filename complied with format
   *  Export using template and templated text accessible from  
   *  Add a script hook when saving a document
   *  Add "document" property to script hooks in AppleScript
   *  Allow filtering out warnings in error window
   *  Imroved error messages for warnings in name parsing, display the  
name and "?" for the line number
   *  Double click warning for name parsing to view details
   *  Improved source edit of errors; faster and more syntax  
highlighting, allow multiple editors, allow to reload the file, show  
line number
   *  Add "inherited" property to fields in AppleScript
   *  Text import from the web can now automatically fill in fields  
from sites using Dublin Core metadata ine META HTML tags
   *  Selecting a crossref parent by clicking the arrow now selects  
the relevant field of the parent
   *  Can now clear a field in Text Import using the delete key
   *  Can now select tabs in the item detail window using Command+number
   *  Text import from the clipboard or file can now automatically  
fill in fields from text formats we can parse
   *  URLs are now displayed in the status bar when hovering over them  
with the mouse (RFE #1550505)
   *  Can rename a field by double-clicking its label in the editor
   *  Workaround for JabRef compatibility (RFE #1546931): hidden  
default to allow setting the field name of the "Annote" textview.  Use  
`defaults write edu.ucsd.cs.mmccrack.bibdesk BDSKAnnoteFieldName  
Review` in Terminal.

### Bugs Fixed ###

   *  A message is now displayed when you try to enter an invalid  
custom character conversion
   *  Decomposed Unicode characters are now handled correctly by  
character conversion
   *  Custom cite strings are once again saved to prefs after changing  
them (bug #1507183)
   *  We now warn when closing an editor window with an empty cite key
   *  The editor will no longer allow an empty cite key when editing  
an entry, since the parser doesn't like that
   *  Cite key is now autogenerated when dragging into the editor  
window, if not already set
   *  More warnings use sheets instead of modal panels
   *  The pdftotext conversion in the editor now displays a  
descriptive message instead of an empty textview when unable to  
convert a file
   *  Fixed crashes when using Find/Replace and Autofile and 10.3.9,  
due to usage of 10.4-only error keys
   *  Find/Replace will no longer crash the program by running out of  
memory if you choose to Find/Replace on the current group field
   *  Worked around Finder interaction problem, where dropping a file  
on BibDesk could cause a beachball if Autofile activated during the  
drag (since we ask the Finder for the comment to preserve it when  
   *  Newly created publications are once again added to the selected  
   *  System font and size are used in custom alert buttons instead of  
   *  Checkbox label in crossref prefs now correctly uses sentence  
case instead of title case
   *  Fixed memory leak in template exporting, and a leak in the  
Finder comment code
   *  Fixed an exception that could raise when dropping a file on an  
empty table
   *  Converted BibItem to use read-write locks instead of a mutex
   *  Improved sorting speed by ~8x
   *  Some type defininitions were not conformant with btxdoc (bug  
   *  The "Type" field is now handled correctly, and no longer  
confused with BibTeX type (bug #1517094)
   *  Fixed spelling of Services items (bug #1518836)
   *  Template export should be somewhat more efficient
   *  The "Last Import" group no longer cause the last category group  
to be lost
   *  Title (and other) fields are now resorted properly after  
changing them in an editor
   *  Items created from PDF metadata (via hidden pref) now have the  
keywords field even if none were available in the PDF (bug #1519062)
   *  Fixed service for creating a new document with text selection
   *  Enabled drops on the "All Publications" group
   *  Dragging a file from the editor's local-file button now requires  
the option key, so the drop down menu is consistently accessible (bug  
   *  Worked around Apple's annoying "_TIFFVSetField" console log  
   *  Prefs window no longer hides when BibDesk isn't the front  
   *  Added "Date-Added" and "Date-Modified" to searcheable keys and  
table columns combo box lists
   *  Changed date searching so that it's more likely to return a match
   *  "BibTeX Type" can be used as a smart group (bug #1521970)
   *  Revised searching code again (now more BibItem-specific code is  
encapsulated in BibItem)
   *  Fixed a bug in group table highlighting; checking wasn't done  
case-insensitively for strings or using fuzzy author comparison
   *  Files opened using temporary cite keys or via a filter now have  
Date-Added set to the current date
   *  TeX preview failures willl now log a more helpful error message  
to the console (bug #1522833)
   *  "authors" and "editors" keys now work with templates
   *  Numerous application-modal sheets were converted to window modal  
sheets (bug #1522886)
   *  Workaround for AppKit bug that tries to set a nil value for an  
edited combo box cell with menu showing (in Template prefs)
   *  Key down events without characters are now ignored in tables  
(could cause an exception)
   *  Cite key will not be generated when the edited key is the same  
as the crossref (bug #1524216)
   *  Editor status message is not changed when we cannot generate a  
cite key
   *  Fixed random crasher in export template code (applicable to RTF  
   *  Publications of a static group are now properly copied as  
mutable (fixes an exception/crash)
   *  Fixed exception when message is displayed instead of path in  
AutoFile prefs
   *  Run the consolidate alert application-modal so it's removed  
before the filer starts and displays its own alert (bug #1526145)
   *  Added close button to the filer progress sheet
   *  Author name is now displayed for person controller window title
   *  Name display prefs now affect table as well as attributed preview
   *  Saving with normalized names will now convert Editor as well as  
Author names
   *  Editors are now sorted correctly in the main table
   *  Text-only toolbar menus should work correctly in Tiger
   *  Editor button menus are now created lazily, so opening editor  
windows is faster
   *  Editor completion will no longer activate when  
textShouldBeginEditing: returns NO
   *  Global file macros are now added to the editor's autocomplete list
   *  Removed locking from BibItem, as they are no longer shared  
between threads; reworked threading code to be safer and generally  
more efficient
   *  File content search table now shows attributed titles (TeX font  
commands are parsed, and braces are removed)
   *  Fixed exception in abbreviated normalized name parsing
   *  Closing a large document should be significantly faster
   *  Saving a large document should be significantly faster
   *  Added a few more standard RIS tags (partially fixed bug #1535227)
   *  Improved sharing efficiency, fixed some leaks in decoding objects
   *  Copy file mouse cursor is no longer used when dropping files  
that aren't copied
   *  When using unique specifiers in a format string for autofile/ 
citekey, the old character will be used if it's still valid (bug  
   *  Trying to edit a remote (shared) publication will now cause a  
warning to be displayed, instead of silently eating the event
   *  Papers folder path is now included in generated Local-Url preview
   *  Metadata cache file paths are now correctly transformed to  
remove the file when a cite key changes
   *  Fixed "Show Matching Reference" service, renamed to "Show  
Reference With Cite Key"
   *  Scripts menu is now more efficient, and doesn't recreate the  
entire menu every few seconds
   *  Duplicate selection by column is more efficient, and gives a  
more consistent number in the status bar
   *  Buttons are no longer left in an incorrect state after dragging  
with modifier keys
   *  "Find" field in Find & Replace panel is now disabled when  
   *  Note changes of global macros
   *  Only add the Open With menu item for a single selection (bug  
   *  Don't allow lossy conversion when saving files
   *  Don't allow dragging from the custom cite table to the same window
   *  Fix smooth transition to and from the file content search table
   *  Enclose URLs in exported EndNote format by an extra <url> tag  
(bug #1541013)
   *  Improve checks for crossref chains when changing a Crossref  
field or the Cite Key
   *  Show horizontal scroller to error table, so all columns are  
   *  Don't show more than one Open panel when launching BibDesk
   *  Fixed crasher that sopmetimes occured after closing New  
Publication From Web sheet
   *  Connect navigation buttons in New Publication From Web sheet
   *  Fixed regular expression search in Database Find and Replace
   *  Fixed buggy RIS from Scopus so we can read it (bug #1545956)
   *  Fixed crasher in autosave when an error occurs
   *  Don't allow drags to the Last Import group
   *  Fixed key view loop in publication details
   *  Fixed exception when parsing of pasted or dragged bibtex data  
containing comments or macros
   *  TeX conversion code is now more efficient
   *  URLs wrapped by a \url command can now be opened
   *  Improved title displayed for inbook type
   *  Ignore finalized edits for removing fields, so undo for adding a  
field does not add it again when the entry is being edited
   *  Updated About Box credits
   *  Open editors are now closed before reverting
   *  "Keep Going" button on data loss alert is moved to the far left
   *  Sort for crossrefs now enumerates an immutable collection
   *  Items with temporary cite keys are now selected after opening  
instead of using a search
   *  Can open multiple files with filter or temporary cite keys
   *  Old RSS export code and accessory view removed
   *  Added check for unsupported OS versions
   *  More information is logged to the console when version checking  
fails, and only one failure alert should be shown.

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