[OS X TeX] Re: Editors: Advantages and disadvantages

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at fc.ul.pt
Tue Sep 19 05:25:25 EDT 2006

> Marcus Michalsky wrote:
>> What should i tell you about speed :-( Well, it works ;-)
>> In my opinion it is very fair. I dont remember so precisely, but i
>> think it was faster than 20 seconds.
>> I don't know exactly, but if you make includes and only change one of
>> them, the compiler only works on this file then ?
> For what it's worth:
>     I am running TeXShop 1.43 under 10.3.9 on a 1GHz Power PC G4.
>     The part of the Magnum Opus I am currently working on includes 10
>     chapters  for a total of 209 pages, probably a hundred or more
>     (small) pddf figure.
> It typesets in about 30 seconds which is fine by me since the
> alternative is about $2000.
> But, indeed, if you make a change in one chapter, TeXShop goes through
> the whole thing which is why I usually typeset each chapter as needed.
> The way I do it is having a main file, e.g. Book.tex with just the
> include chapters e.g.
>     \include{../EDITchap/2}
> each of which starts with:
>     %!TEX root = ../PRINTchap/2.tex
> while the file PRINTchap/2 has only
>     \include{../EDITchap/2}
> so that if click on either EDITchap/2 or PRINTchap/2 just that chapter
> gets typeset while if I click on Book.tex the whole book gets typeset.
> Regards
> --schremmer

Or, of course, you could use the "standard" procedure for this sort  
of situation: in your main file - say, Book.tex, as above -
have \include{...} for each chapter, and put in the preamble the  
command \includeonly, e.g.,


and change this as you need; this way, you get some very imporant (to  
my mind) benefits: the page numbers are respected, as are any cross- 
references, etc, since, while not typesetting chapter 1 on this run,  
LaTeX does keep and use its aux file, so it knows on which page  
chapter 2 should start, and a reference to Theorem 1.2.5 will still  
be adequately dealt with, as will be citations and things like that.

When you want to work on a different chapter, or typeset the whole  
book, just change the \includeonly line, comment it out or remove  

Luis Sequeira

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