[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.3.8

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Wed Aug 29 01:54:10 EDT 2007

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk 1.3.8  
is now available for download at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.   
This version has a few new features, and we've fixed some important  
bugs in previously added features.  We recommend that you upgrade as  
soon as possible, but we always make that recommendation.

Thanks to those of you who submitted exception and bug reports, which  
led directly to many of the fixes in this version.  Please continue to  
use the links on BibDesk's Help menu to submit bug reports and feature  

Detailed release notes follow.

** New Features **

   - Added template methods for separating a string into components
   - Simple template method for joining array components
   - Support more file types for preview display in the main window,  
so we can show PDF, PostScript, image types supported by ImageIO, text  
and composite types supported by NSAttributedString (RTF/MS Word/HTML)
   - SciFinder format is now supported
   - Skim Notes are included in the "Any Field" search
   - Revised and enhanced bookmark handling for web views
   - Revised type-select handling
   - External items can now be merged by creating a field group with  
the current selection
   - Action menu now has item for merging external items
   - Dragging and copying from the Skim notes table is now supported,  
and all rows are resizable

** Bugs Fixed **

   - Fixed an exception when creating a new item when a person group  
was selected
   - Fixed corrupt nibs in the French translation (for search groups)
   - Gradients now show a light source from above
   - Search string is only passed to external programs when a file  
content search is active
   - All double hyphens are replaced with emdash in templating
   - Fixed conditional templates for empty value
   - Person object descriptions are more appropriate for templating
   - Downloading subsequent results from Web of Science with the  
Search button should work correctly (bug #1774169)
   - Only add escaped space between title words in parsed format (bug  
   - Fixes for resizing of splitview and subviews, web group view
   - Web of Science custom bookmarks are now functional (bug #1775537)
   - Exception reports are now sent to a dedicated mailing list
   - Duplicate bookmarks can't be added to the text import sheet or  
web group
   - Popup zoom button in editor text drawer is validated correctly
   - Added a workaround for bug #1779548; SearchKit ignores  
punctuation, but the result highlighting did not indicate this
   - Merging in external groups will now work correctly
   - Fixed shell command history in the Open Using Filter... dialog;  
order is now preserved
   - Pretty-printed files with Windows CRLF line endings as produced  
by JabRef on Windows are now converted to UNIX line endings, so  
editing is easier (bug #1779632)
   - Files with old-style Macintosh line endings are now readable  
(formerly caused a parser error)
   - Drag-and-drop with field group of "BibTeX Type" now works  
correctly as a special case
   - Renamed some menu items for Skim notes to include "Skim"
   - Fixed a minor memory leak in character conversion
   - Added mapping of %7 to Edition for Refer (EndNote) format

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