[OS X TeX] [related topic] remote control of LaTeX created pdfs on Apple laptops

Josep M. Font jmfont at inicia.es
Sat Dec 1 18:51:42 EST 2007

El 01/12/2007, a las 14:41, David Oliver escribió:

> Is there a way to control slides in pdf format with the remote on  
> the present generation of Apple laptops?
> Any other strategies for remote control of slide presentations ?

Another software-only solution similar to those already suggested:  
Mira <http://twistedmelon.com/mira/>.

However, I find a laser pointer essential in order to make an  
efficient use of slides, so I prefer to plug in an USB receiver for  
one of those devices having both things, a controller and a laser  
pointer, such as Keyspan's remote controls <http://www.keyspan.com/>.  
I think there are similar products at Logitech or MacAlly.


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