[OS X TeX] Latex on Leopard

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Dec 2 15:06:32 EST 2007

Am 02.12.2007 um 15:57 schrieb Romulus Breban:

> I am new to Mac and far from being a Latex expert.  I would like to  
> install Latex on my Mac.  My final goal is to have a distribution  
> that includes revtex; also it would be nice to be able to add extra  
> classes from various sources without messing up my distribution too  
> much.  I need to be able to produce pdf through ps.

Installation from the TeX Live 2007 (or upcoming 2008?) DVD can do  
that, including REVTeX and many more. It also contains MacTeX, from  
which you can install Ghostscript – but you're not restricted to  
Ghostscript, you can also use other PostScript to PDF convertors (why  
do you need this complicated procedure?). TeX Live itself comes with  
a few versions of Ghostscript and other sources (maybe needed by  
Ghostscript or others).

> I tried out Wierda's distribution (doesn't contain revtex) with  
> iTexMac2.  I wasn't able to properly configure iTexMac2 for the tex- 
> >ps->pdf compilation path.  Apparently TexShop handles only  
> pdflatex and such.  Any help out there?

TeXShop can do any way: you just write your own engine file (a shell  
script) and you can use XeTeX or tex4ht or ...



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