[OS X TeX] Latex on Leopard

Vic Norton vic at norton.name
Sun Dec 2 10:53:46 EST 2007

On Dec 2, 2007, at 9:57 AM, Romulus Breban wrote:

> Apparently TexShop handles only pdflatex and such.

Not so, Romulus.

 From TeXShop Help/Alternate Typesetting Mode:

    There is another way to typeset with TeXShop; in this alternate
    mode, eps illustrations can be input directly without conversion.
    To use the alternate method, choose "TeX and Ghostscript" in the
    Typeset menu. Then TeXShop will typeset by calling tex or latex to
    produce a ".dvi" file, calling dvips to convert it to a postscript
    file, and calling ps2pdf to convert the postscript file to pdf. The
    method chosen in the typeset menu will only affect the topmost
    file; other documents will continue to be typeset with pdftex or
    pdflatex. The primary method used when a document is first opened
    can be selected in the preference dialog.

    The "TeX and Ghostscript" method should be used for old projects
    with many eps illustrations, and for TeX files with postscript
    special commands, and for TeX files that include bitmapped fonts
    which do not display correctly when typeset with pdflatex.
    Experimentation will show which is the preferable typesetting

    There is a way to permanently set the typesetting method of a
    document regardless of preference choices. If one of the first
    twenty lines of the source file is %!TEX TS-program = tex then tex
    + ghostscript will be used. If one of the first twenty lines is
    %!TEX TS-program = latex, then latex + ghostscript will be used. If
    one of the lines is %!TEX TS-program = pdftex, or %!TEX TS-program
    = pdflatex, then pdftex or pdflatex will be used. If one of the
    lines is %!TEX TS-program = personaltex or %!TEX TS-program =
    personallatex, then the personal script will be used as set in the
    preference dialog.

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