[OS X TeX] TeXDist-Description

Steffen Wolfrum mactex_aa at st.estfiles.de
Mon Dec 10 07:04:21 EST 2007


in "TeXDist-Description.rtf" Gerben warns that this documents is for  
unix-savy people, not an ordinary end user. Right, I tried to  
understand the content and failed. Thus I am asking for help here:

Right now my preference panel "TeX Distribution" gives me two options:

· gwTeX
• TeXLive-2007

But in reality I use different versions of "texmf-local" folder  
(containing different versions of ConTeXt) by exchanging in Finder  
the folder itself:
renaiming "texmf-local_august" or "texmf-local_december" to "texmf- 

Can someone describe me a way to arrange my different "texmf-local"- 
folder in such way that I can switch by "TeX Distribution" panel:

· gwTeX
[· TeXLive-2007]
· TeXLive-2007_ver_august
• TeXLive-2007_ver_december



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