[OS X TeX] TeXDist-Description

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Dec 10 11:31:31 EST 2007

Le 10 déc. 07 à 13:04, Steffen Wolfrum a écrit :

> Can someone describe me a way to arrange my different "texmf-local"- 
> folder in such way that I can switch by "TeX Distribution" panel:
> · gwTeX
> [· TeXLive-2007]
> · TeXLive-2007_ver_august
> • TeXLive-2007_ver_december

I guess that's not easy: you would need to create associated .texdist  
bundles inside /Library/TeX/Distributions/. But such bundles are  
complicated beasts: just Ctrl-Click on one of the existing .texdist  
bundles there, to see what they are actually made of and thus make the  
description in TeXDist-description.rtf a bit more understandable.

So, if what you ask is indeed possible, that's probably not easy. I'm  
not sure that's worth the effort.

Bruno Voisin

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