[OS X TeX] Loss of Greek Porson font functionality

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Dec 10 18:15:25 EST 2007

Am 10.12.2007 um 23:05 schrieb David Derbes:

> Ran DiskWarrior, repaired permissions, installed 10.4.11, repaired  
> permissions, re-ran texhash, you name it...

Did you run 'sudo texhash'? It's necessary to put the file into the  
system's ls-R 'hash files.' When you're able to copy the file into  
other places in teTeX's system trees, you can also put a copy into ~/ 
Library/texmf/fonts/enc – just a try, no need to become a perfect  
copier. In case this personal directory does not exist, 'mkdir -p ~/ 
Library/texmf/fonts/enc' in Terminal will create it.

Can you list the ENC file with ls or open the file inspector in  
Finder on it? Is its size greater 0 and is it readable? A simple test  
whether a TeX programme can find a particular file is 'kpsewhich  
<that file>' i.e. 'kpsewhich porsonel.enc', does this work?

If not: do you have some mixture of teTeX, gwTeX, and MacTeX? Which  
Mac OS X version?

I can't test a thing because mpm has some problem fetching the  
gfsporson package, it's not on the TeX Live 2007 DVD, and I am a bit  
distracted ...



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