[OS X TeX] Off-Topic: Penelope; was, Re: Loss of Greek Porson font functionality

John McChesney-Young panis at pacbell.net
Tue Dec 11 11:05:32 EST 2007

At 3:52 PM +0100 12/11/07, Bruno Voisin thoughtfully asked:

>Have you had a try at Penelope (aka open-source Eudora):
><http://wiki.mozilla.org/Penelope> ...

Thank you for the suggestion; yes, I have. When the project was 
announced I was delighted and waited for it with great anticipation 
because of its Unicode capability. When the first public release came 
out I put it on a year-old iMac I share and I liked it but wasn't 
enthusiastic; I'm used to the old Eudora's appearance and there was 
also something minor that didn't work correctly, I don't remember 
what now; it was an early version so I wasn't surprised.

At your suggestion I've just now installed it on the computer I use 
most often to try it out again, an old half-dome iMac running OS 
10.2, and I'm sorry to say I still don't find it to be quite what I 
want. I'm just wedded to the very plain single pane displays of old 
Eudora, I guess.

The principal Unicode-using list I'm subscribed to is the XeTeX list, 
and I get that at my Gmail address and so haven't had a desperate 
need to switch.

In 2005 I tried Apple Mail (too shiny for my taste), Thunderbird 
(stopped working correctly after 6 months: searches would make the 
app hang, a fatal problem for my use), and Opera's mail component 
(after 6 months as my sole client I still wasn't able to get used to 
it, which has been my problem with the browser as well despite my 
enthusiasm for some of its features).

Sorry for the off-topic post, but if others are looking for The 
Perfect Mac OS X E-Mail Client this might be of interest - and if 
you've found it, please let me know (off-list if you prefer).

Thank you again, Bruno, for this and for all your useful and informative posts!


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