[OS X TeX] Printing crash in TexShop

Steffen Hokland hokland at mr.au.dk
Thu Dec 13 05:14:38 EST 2007

Hi all

I've run into a wierd problem in TexShop. Suddenly - I can't put my  
finger on any specific event - trying to print a certain document in  
TexShop will cause a crash. It is a very simple doc with only a title,  
abstract and some unnumbered sections, subsections, subsubsections and  
paragraphs. I've been able to print previously, and can also print a  
minimal example (Main text: 'Small is beautiful.') using the same  
preamble. I've tried trashing the asociated aux, log and pdf-files to  
no avail.

Even Preview.app will crash trying to print the document, so it's  
probably not TexShop per se.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

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