Re: [OS X TeX] gwTex in Leopard – no gtmacfonts created?

Rolf Schmolling rolf.schmolling at
Fri Dec 14 11:08:57 EST 2007

Hello Bruno,

another round of configuration within iInstaller solved my problem.  
Fondu was present, so it must have been my mistake not to install it  
before gwTeX. Didn't knoe about this though.

Thanks a bunch!

Am 11.12.2007 um 21:56 schrieb Bruno Voisin:

> Le 11 déc. 07 à 21:25, Rolf Schmolling a écrit :
>> Now how to overcome this? reinstalling gwTeX? I did install the  
>> Fondu-package for sure, so it should be present.
> No, I don't think reinstalling gwTeX is necessary. Just make sure  
> Fondu and FontForge are installed, then run "Configure Only" for  
> the gwTeX i-Package.
> I checked the script texlive.configure within the gwTeX i-Package,  
> aka texlive.ii2: this script does indeed contain the code for  
> creating the .ttf fonts, this code starts with "sub  
> macFontUnpacking". You should have this i-Package on disk: mine  
> lives in ~/Library/i-Packages, but that's because I changed the  
> defaults; I think the default location is ~/i-Packages.
> Bruno
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