Re: [OS X TeX] gwTex in Leopard – no gtmacfonts created?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at
Tue Dec 11 15:56:59 EST 2007

Le 11 déc. 07 à 21:25, Rolf Schmolling a écrit :

> Now how to overcome this? reinstalling gwTeX? I did install the  
> Fondu-package for sure, so it should be present.

No, I don't think reinstalling gwTeX is necessary. Just make sure  
Fondu and FontForge are installed, then run "Configure Only" for the  
gwTeX i-Package.

I checked the script texlive.configure within the gwTeX i-Package, aka  
texlive.ii2: this script does indeed contain the code for creating  
the .ttf fonts, this code starts with "sub macFontUnpacking". You  
should have this i-Package on disk: mine lives in ~/Library/i- 
Packages, but that's because I changed the defaults; I think the  
default location is ~/i-Packages.


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