[OS X TeX] metapost question

Bruce Kellogg rbmjk at alltel.net
Fri Dec 14 20:45:17 EST 2007

Unfortunately, I was not precise in my original question. I include
some text in the metapost file, such as labeling of axes, etc.
This text is included with commands such as


This text is not to be found in the file KK3.1, so when I use  
to put the picture into my big latex file, the picture is not  
complete as
there are no axis labels, etc. In the third attempt that I describe,  
I get the picture + labels,
but they are pushed below some empty space. Maybe I should just try  
fiddling with
the numbers in the command


and maybe this will push the picture into a correct location. I have  
not tried this yet,
and indeed it seems to be an unnatural solution to my problem if it  

Bruce Kellogg
rbmjk at alltel.net
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On Dec 14, 2007, at 7:21 PM, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 14.12.2007 um 21:52 schrieb Bruce Kellogg:
>> My MacIntosh does not allow me to change a file name from extension
>> .tex to extension .mp .
> You probably mean your TeXShop application – for Dick Koch another  
> addition to add to TeXShop for file types to handle?
> This makes me understand your problem a bit better! When you write,  
> in your first eMail, there is no text, why can't you type some?
>      %\usepackage[metapost]{mfpic}
>      \usepackage{graphicx}
>      ...
>      \begin{document}
>      ...
>      Here is just some text before the picture gets included into  
> the document. I hope I did not forget to set a text font!
>      \includegraphics{KK3.1}
>      %\opengraphsfile{KK3}
>      %\input KK3
>      %\closegraphsfile
>      And this text, no idea of font or size or shape, is intended  
> to be found below the included graphics image.
>      ...
>      \end{document}
>      ...
> The answer why FKK3.pdf first shows some blank space is easy: your  
> picture is smaller than a sheet of a paper and it's placed at the  
> bottom of this sheet. TeX creates as output one or more sheets of  
> paper of some size. And when you include this sheet of paper into  
> another sheet of paper first this first sheet of paper is  
> horizontally und vertically offset by approximately 1" in each  
> direction (margins) on the second sheet of paper. Then comes the  
> unused spaced on the first sheet of paper. Finally comes the  
> remainder ...
> So it's better to include the original MP output directly. You can  
> correct the position and size, if you want. 'texdoc graphicx' in  
> Terminal should give some hints.
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