[OS X TeX] metapost question

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 15 03:13:51 EST 2007

On 15 dec 2007, at 02:45, Bruce Kellogg wrote:

> Unfortunately, I was not precise in my original question. I include
> some text in the metapost file, such as labeling of axes, etc.
> This text is included with commands such as
> \tlabel{(1.75,-.8)}{\small$x$}
> This text is not to be found in the file KK3.1, so when I use  
> \includegraphics{KK3.1}
> to put the picture into my big latex file, the picture is not  
> complete as
> there are no axis labels, etc. In the third attempt that I describe,  
> I get the picture + labels,
> but they are pushed below some empty space. Maybe I should just try  
> fiddling with
> the numbers in the command
> \begin{mfpic}[40]{-2}{2}{-20}{-16}
> and maybe this will push the picture into a correct location. I have  
> not tried this yet,
> and indeed it seems to be an unnatural solution to my problem if it  
> works.

I don't use the mfpic latex package, but I'll show you a sample from  
my setup because it might be helpful.

% include some metapost macro pacages to produce graphs and my custom  
graph sizing.
input graph;
input support/figsize.mp

% put your latex preamble here. Include things like fonts and font  
% They need to work with LaTeX in dvi production mode.


prologues := 2 ;

%% Description: the coordinate system

beginfig(0) ;
	numeric scalefactor; scalefactor := 1.2cm;
	numeric theangle; theangle := -32;
	pair pntone, pnttwo ;
	pntone := (0,scalefactor);
	pnttwo := pntone rotated theangle;
	draw (-1.1*scalefactor,0) -- (1.1*scalefactor,0) withpen pencircle  
scaled 0.5pt withcolor black;
	draw (0,-1.1*scalefactor) -- (0,1.1*scalefactor) withpen pencircle  
scaled 0.5pt withcolor black;
	drawarrow (0, -0.5*scalefactor) -- (0,0.5*scalefactor) withpen  
pencircle scaled 1.5pt withcolor black;
	draw origin -- (0,1.1*scalefactor) rotated theangle withpen pencircle  
scaled 0.5pt withcolor black;
	drawarrow for i=0 step -4 until theangle+4: (pntone rotated i) ..  
endfor pnttwo withpen pencircle scaled 0.5pt withcolor black;
	% here some text is included
	draw btex $z$ etex shifted (-2.5mm, 11mm) ;
	draw btex $\Vector{p}$ etex shifted (1mm, -3mm);
	draw btex $\vartheta'$ etex rotated 10 shifted (0,8mm) rotated -10;
endfig ;


%% end of metapost document. Save as 'angles.mp' and run the following  
commands from the command-line (there may be an easier way with  
TeXShop, I don't know, others will comment).

mpost -tex=latex angles.mp
mptopdf angles.0
mv angles.0 angles.mps
mv angles-0.pdf angles.pdf

and then use angles.pdf with pdflatex as you would do normally.  
pdflatex can also use angles.mps and convert on the fly. This may  
actually be preferred because it prevents multiple inclusion of your  
fonts (not sure about that).

Hope this may help.


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