[OS X TeX] Multiple indexes with TeXShop

André Bellaïche abellaic at math.jussieu.fr
Sat Dec 15 12:32:37 EST 2007

In order to make multiple indexes, the LaTeX companion advices us to  
use the index package. Everything looks fine and easy, but one thing  
How: do you compile your .**x file into a .**d file?

The problem is: Makeindex command included in TeXShop works only  
for .idx and .ind

Is there a way out without resorting to command line?

One possibility is to use the old Macintosh application Makeindex  
v2.12 which worked well in OS 9 (I still have Classic on my i-mac),  
so well that you didn't have to use aliases for French diacritics. I  
mean, it used to put éléphant in its correct location in the index,  
you only had to type \index{éléphant}, not \index{elephant@éléphant}.  
But there is a drawback, you have to convert manually the OS X files  
produced by LaTeX in OS 9 files, before running Makeindex v2.12.

So, this is the second question:

Is there a way to convert Makeindex v2.12 into an OS X application  
(to carbonize it ?)?

André Bellaïche

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