[OS X TeX] Re: How to get rid of BibDesk Service shortcuts?

Joachim Kock jkock at start.no
Sun Dec 16 07:00:51 EST 2007

Thanks Adam and Herbert for your help.

> > BibDesk installs two Services with global shortcuts
> > Cmd-shift-J and Cmd-shift-K.
> >
> > These shortcuts override application-specific shortcuts
> > I rely on in other applications.  It is really annoying.
> What OS are you running?  On Leopard it looks like application  
> shortcuts override service shortcuts.

Sorry, I should have mentioned this: It was only recently I began
experiencing this overriding, and I suspect it was when I upgrade 
from 10.4.10 to 10.4.11.  I see it also in 10.5.1.  (I can mention
also that the application shortcuts being overridden are in AlphaX,
a Carbon application, in case this is of any relevance.)

> > Is there a way to get rid of the BibDesk shortcuts?
> You'll have to edit the Info.plist inside BibDesk's bundle.  Look for
> 			<key>NSKeyEquivalent</key>
> 			<dict>
> 				<key>default</key>
> 				<string>K</string>
> 			</dict>
> and the corresponding entry for the other service and delete them.   
> This will be overwritten next time you install a new version.

Thanks for the tip!

Herbert wrote:

> You might try Service Scrubber. I know it works fine in Tiger, haven't  
> tried it in Leopard.

Thanks.  This worked, and it looks like a very useful utility in general.

(I wonder if these adjustments will also be overwritten at upgrade?)


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