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Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Tue Feb 20 08:58:17 EST 2007

On Feb 19, 2007, at 11:42 PM, Christina Schatzman wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Hoping someone will suffer a newbee patiently. I am new to mac and  
> tex on mac, having recently switched over from using miktex with  
> winedt on windows. I have downloaded Texshop 2.09d using the Apple  
> install package from Koch at UOregon; therefore, I've got Wierda's  
> TeX, TeXShop, BibDesk, Excalibur, and the i-Installer. I can  
> typeset the simple examples without difficulty. Unfortunately, when  
> I try to typeset more complicated files that I have brought over  
> from windows, no go. Specifically, I can't seem to get Texshop to:


You've started up the system while we're still in a transition period  
from a teTeX based system (with additions) --- it sounds like you've  
downloaded and installed the MacTeX distribution --- to a TeX Live  
based system. You'll eventually want to update to the TeX Live system  
but everything you want to do should still work... so..

> (1) read in my .bib file made previously in bibtex (get an error: I  
> found no \bibdata command & I found no \bibstyle command--I do have  
> both the \bibliography{X} & \bibliographystyle{X} commands specified)

You've got to run bibtex after a run of pdflatex. Then you run  
pdflatex two more times to enter the bibliography and (cross)references.

You can do this automatically by downloading LatexmkTeXShop.zip from  
<http://homepage.mac.com/herbs2> and installing it via the directions  
enclosed. Then place the line

%!TEX TS-program = pdflatexmk

at the start of the file and TeXShop will use latexmk to compile the  
file, run bibtex, etc., automatically via the latexmk program  
(supplied in the zip file).

The latest version of TeXShop, 2.10beta8, already has the latexmk  
engines but you've got to move the Engines folder out of ~/Library/ 
TeXShop/, (re)start TeXShop and then set it up via the instructions  
in the new Engines/disabled/ folder.

> (2) insert .eps files, despite using \usepackage{epstopdf} to  
> convert them to .pdf

Don't understand why you are having a problem! This has always worked  
for me. Are you sure you are using pdflatex rather than Latex 
+Distiller? If you are using the latter you don't need to include the  
epstopdf package.

Finally, to use the pdflatex + epstopdf + graphicx you must have the  
--shell-escape option set for the pdflatex engine: in the TeXShop- 
 >Preferences->Engine the pdfTeX section should have

pdftex --shell-escape

for the TeX Program, and

pdflatex --shell-escape

for the LaTeX Program since the graphicx package will automatically  
try to run a conversion of eps->pdf on the eps file via external  
programs. If you are worried about execution of arbitrary external  
programs --- it is a security risk --- check of the Shell Escape  
Warning box and you'll get a warning when TeX is going to try to do  

As another hint, leave off the file name extension in the  
\includegraphics{...} command; that way the conversion of eps->pdf  
will only happen on the first pass and the \includegraphics will find  
the pdf file from then on. If you do that, make sure your delete the  
pdf file if the eps file changes.

> (3) get Texshop to compile footnotes or endnotes

I don't understand this at all. Footnotes should be compiled  
automatically. If you use the endnote package you'll have to run  
pdflatex several times to completely resolve the (cross)references.  
Using the latexmk engines will resolve this automatically too.

> If anyone could provide some insight, I'd be very grateful. Feel as  
> though I'm reading in circles.
> Thanks,
> Christina

Hope this helps.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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