[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.3

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Sat Jan 13 00:54:00 EST 2007

The BibDesk development teams is pleased to announce that BibDesk 1.3  
is available for download at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.

*** Note that version 1.3 will not launch on Mac OS X 10.3.9 or  
earlier ***

All Tiger users are encouraged to update, as this release fixes  
numerous bugs, and has many new features (some of which were requested  
years ago).  Thanks to all of our nightly build testers for providing  
feedback and valuable suggestions.  Adam Goldstein contributed  
documentation for the new search group feature, and we thank him for  

Since it is the first 1.3 series release, there are likely some new  
bugs as well, so please report them at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=61487&atid=497423 
 >.  Also, since we no longer receive crash reports automatically,  
please be sure to let us know of any crashes.  We hate crashes.

For the perennially bored and/or easily amused, we include complete  
release notes (excluding notes of intermediate bugs that hopefully  
only we noticed).

Changes since 1.2.10

New Features
   *  New update checker and options (can set time interval, has  
improved error handling and flexibility for branches)
   *  Can now display release notes before downloading a new version
   *  Can now use a template for emailed bibliography (RFE #1437531)
   *  Added menu action to send citations to LyX, based on Mark Reid's  
   *  File content search now displays a status bar when indexing
   *  Table and window configuration is now stored on a per-document  
basis using extended attributes (RFE #1540829)
   *  Allow different default drags and copies when using option key
   *  Can now use a URL (http:, ftp:, file:) as an external group  
source (RFE #1578590), as long as it contains bibliographic data that  
we can read
   *  Can now use a script (shell, Python, AppleScript, etc.) as an  
external group source, as long as it produces bibliographic data we  
can read
   *  Autofile now warns before moving a folder (RFE #1567619) since  
someone Autofiled the Desktop folder
   *  Group tableview now uses a Mail-style background color
   *  TeX preview panel now has a proxy icon
   *  Can now display LaTeX preview in lower pane (RFE #1101689)
   *  Append selected text to field when holding control key in text  
import sheet
   *  Smart group filter editor now has undo support
   *  Editor toolbar now has buttons to edit next/previous pubs (RFE  
   *  Updated to the latest version of Omni's frameworks
   *  We now display a stack trace when an exception occurs, with the  
option to mail it to the developers
   *  Files are now sorted by type
   *  Name display prefs are now used for Author/Editor groups
   *  Rating buttons now draw stars
   *  Table columns menu now has an autosize option (RFE #823805)
   *  New Distributed Objects API for external programs to get  
autocompletion information
   *  A new static group is now created for items dropped on the group  
table when a specific group isn't the target (RFE #1602349)
   *  More character encodings are now supported
   *  Menu item to select incomplete items, based on BibTeX required  
fields (RFE #1192715)
   *  Text import sheet now parses a file if possible when importing  
from a file
   *  MARC is now parsed (formatted, raw, some XML)
   *  Now have comma-separated and tab-separated template output
   *  Can now use a script to post-process templated output
   *  Can now duplicate/copy types in the custom type editor table
   *  Added the ability to search PubMed and other Entrez databases  
   *  External groups now have a different table row color
   *  Added ability to search z39.50 servers directly
   *  Dublin Core XML is now parsed and converted to BibTeX
   *  New citation field type that allows linking items to each other  
in BibDesk
   *  Import button for external items (shared/script/search groups)
   *  Web of Science (ISI) CR fields are now split with a semicolon  
when parsing
   *  External groups now have an Import button
   *  The Refer text format is now parsed
   *  Check buttons and rating buttons are now used to edit Boolean,  
tristate, and rating fields in the smart group interface

Bugs Fixed
   *  Fix bug in autoscaling of preview PDF view
   *  Fixed endless loop at low zoom levels in preview PDF view
   *  Removed all 10.3-only code paths and hacks
   *  Switched to non-deprecated methods for loading/saving documents
   *  Partial data warning is no longer displayed when there is no  
data in a file/pasteboard
   *  No longer use remote root for help book, which hopefully works  
around Apple Help flakiness
   *  Export menu items changed to Save As
   *  Try to fix pasted strings when they have invalid BibTeX (no cite  
   *  Fix some alignment issues in the previewer panel
   *  Revised error messages when saving encounters a TeX conversion  
or encoding problem
   *  Fix potential crash when a UTI was NULL
   *  Removed ILCrashReporter, since SourceForge changed their e-mail  
service and broke delivery
   *  Fixed tracking rects to use the displayed publications, so  
hovering over a URL/file displayes the correct status message
   *  File content search scores are now correct
   *  Worked around Apple bug in -[NSDictionary valueForKey:] that  
causes an exception with an empty string as key
   *  Fixed typo in RSS export template (bug #1578088)
   *  Adding a new publication while a static group is selected will  
now add the pub to the group or warn as appropriate
   *  Fixed assertion failure when creating a new pub with multiple  
groups selected
   *  Editor can now be shown for uneditable (shared/external) items
   *  Fixed another encoding error that wasn't caught when parsing a  
file (exception was raised instead of an error message)
   *  File content index is updated after setting all fields of an item
   *  Worked around Apple bug with undo in sheets
   *  Selection after closing the file content search should work  
reliably, and table is now first responder after canceling content  
   *  Animation transition for file content search should be smoother
   *  Converted all nibs to 10.2+ format
   *  Added workaround for bug #1584054, PubMed no longer inserts a  
comma between last name and first name (so reliable name parsing is  
   *  Use standard icon when multiple files are being dragged
   *  Escaped braces and double-quotes are now  handled correctly when  
parsing annote/asbstract fields (bug #1589250)
   *  Ensure that the Internet Config download location exists before  
trying to use it (bug #1588716)
   *  MDItem is now used to get file comment strings, which allows us  
to remove a nasty hack to work around Finder problems
   *  Orphaned file finder now displays correct tooltips, shows the  
correct file, and copies the correct paths (bug #1591733)
   *  Original file extension is used in preset formats instead of  
".pdf" (bug #1591765)
   *  Key field in editor should be selected more reliably
   *  Fixed some issues with reverting a document to previously saved  
   *  Groups are now resorted when smart groups update and are sorted  
by count
   *  Enabled more compiler warnings and fixed a few sleeper bugs
   *  We now use fixed stack buffers instead of alloca()
   *  TeX command parsing is slightly faster
   *  BibTeX file loading is faster, due to more field name caching  
and more efficient date object creation
   *  Fixed crasher while editing custom types (bug #1596532)
   *  Fixed AppleScript selection (bug #1596567)
   *  Fixed group subsorting
   *  TeX tasks log more detailed info and correctly check the NSTask  
return value
   *  Fixed EndNote XML export (bug #1594134)
   *  TeX character conversion is now less strict, and tries only  
known conversions and latin characters with accents (bug #1596267)
   *  Encodings that we can't parse correctly (16 and 32 bit  
encodings, Shift-JIS, others) are now converted to UTF-8
   *  Add to Bibliography service now creates a new document if  
   *  PubMed items without a trailing newline are now parsed correctly
   *  Fixed a race condition in temporary file creation
   *  Chewable items folder is now used for temp files instead of  
NSTemporaryDirectory(), so cleanup is done by the OS
   *  Use CFUUID instead of NSProcessInfo for unique strings when  
creating temp files, since NSProcessInfo is not thread-safe
   *  Remove the public.plain-text UTI declaration for text documents,  
as it prevents many documents from being dropped on the dock icon (bug  
   *  \href tags are stripped from URL fields when opening, in case  
people use this kludge
   *  Fixed memory leaks in PS to PDF conversion (used in the editor  
   *  BibTeX-sniffing regex now allows whitespace before and after  
cite keys, and uses the correct character set for cite keys
   *  Closing a document with many errors is faster
   *  LaTeX string copying no longer includes a bibliography environment
   *  An alert is now displayed when annote/abstract/rss-description  
has unbalanced braces
   *  TeX task is more careful about file encodings
   *  Fixed bug #1630955.  Autofile, autogenerate cite key and run  
script hook whenever the user explicitly changes a field via an action  
or drag-and-drop.
   *  Commas inside quoted macro values and macro values quoted by  
double-quotes are now handled correctly (bug #1632553)
   *  Can set crossref using drag-and-drop on the form
   *  Duplicate single-valued fields in PubMed and RIS parsing are now  
given a new field name, instead of adding them to the previous value
   *  Separator from preferences is used to divide multi-valued fields  
when parsing PubMed and RIS, instead of always using comma
   *  Autogeneration and script hooks are now activated by drag-and- 
drop on an editor field
   *  Fixed test for crossref equality when comparing items

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