[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.3

Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Sat Jan 13 06:33:36 EST 2007


How do I upgrade my BibDesk?

I have a fresh download of  MacTeX_Additions +  TeXLive-2006.dmg (full...) 
on a MacBook Pro.

In the BibDesk menu:

BibDesk -> About BibDesk
Version 1.2.10 (v483)

BibDesk -> Check for Updates...
BibDesk is up to date
You have the most recent version of BibDesk.

In the BibDesk Preferences -> General I have checked up
Check for updates automatically

But, you are announcing BibDesk 1.3.


On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Adam R. Maxwell wrote:

> The BibDesk development teams is pleased to announce that BibDesk 1.3 is 
> available for download at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.
> *** Note that version 1.3 will not launch on Mac OS X 10.3.9 or earlier ***
> All Tiger users are encouraged to update, as this release fixes numerous 
> bugs, and has many new features (some of which were requested years ago). 
> Thanks to all of our nightly build testers for providing feedback and 
> valuable suggestions.  Adam Goldstein contributed documentation for the new 
> search group feature, and we thank him for that!
> Since it is the first 1.3 series release, there are likely some new bugs as 
> well, so please report them at 
> <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=61487&atid=497423>.  Also, since we 
> no longer receive crash reports automatically, please be sure to let us know 
> of any crashes.  We hate crashes.
> For the perennially bored and/or easily amused, we include complete release 
> notes (excluding notes of intermediate bugs that hopefully only we noticed).
> Changes since 1.2.10
> New Features
>  *  New update checker and options (can set time interval, has improved 
> error handling and flexibility for branches)
>  *  Can now display release notes before downloading a new version
>  *  Can now use a template for emailed bibliography (RFE #1437531)
>  *  Added menu action to send citations to LyX, based on Mark Reid's 
> AppleScript
>  *  File content search now displays a status bar when indexing
>  *  Table and window configuration is now stored on a per-document basis 
> using extended attributes (RFE #1540829)
>  *  Allow different default drags and copies when using option key
>  *  Can now use a URL (http:, ftp:, file:) as an external group source (RFE 
> #1578590), as long as it contains bibliographic data that we can read
>  *  Can now use a script (shell, Python, AppleScript, etc.) as an external 
> group source, as long as it produces bibliographic data we can read
>  *  Autofile now warns before moving a folder (RFE #1567619) since someone 
> Autofiled the Desktop folder
>  *  Group tableview now uses a Mail-style background color
>  *  TeX preview panel now has a proxy icon
>  *  Can now display LaTeX preview in lower pane (RFE #1101689)
>  *  Append selected text to field when holding control key in text import 
> sheet
>  *  Smart group filter editor now has undo support
>  *  Editor toolbar now has buttons to edit next/previous pubs (RFE #1575236)
>  *  Updated to the latest version of Omni's frameworks
>  *  We now display a stack trace when an exception occurs, with the option 
> to mail it to the developers
>  *  Files are now sorted by type
>  *  Name display prefs are now used for Author/Editor groups
>  *  Rating buttons now draw stars
>  *  Table columns menu now has an autosize option (RFE #823805)
>  *  New Distributed Objects API for external programs to get autocompletion 
> information
>  *  A new static group is now created for items dropped on the group table 
> when a specific group isn't the target (RFE #1602349)
>  *  More character encodings are now supported
>  *  Menu item to select incomplete items, based on BibTeX required fields 
> (RFE #1192715)
>  *  Text import sheet now parses a file if possible when importing from a 
> file
>  *  MARC is now parsed (formatted, raw, some XML)
>  *  Now have comma-separated and tab-separated template output
>  *  Can now use a script to post-process templated output
>  *  Can now duplicate/copy types in the custom type editor table
>  *  Added the ability to search PubMed and other Entrez databases directly
>  *  External groups now have a different table row color
>  *  Added ability to search z39.50 servers directly
>  *  Dublin Core XML is now parsed and converted to BibTeX
>  *  New citation field type that allows linking items to each other in 
> BibDesk
>  *  Import button for external items (shared/script/search groups)
>  *  Web of Science (ISI) CR fields are now split with a semicolon when 
> parsing
>  *  External groups now have an Import button
>  *  The Refer text format is now parsed
>  *  Check buttons and rating buttons are now used to edit Boolean, tristate, 
> and rating fields in the smart group interface
> Bugs Fixed
>  *  Fix bug in autoscaling of preview PDF view
>  *  Fixed endless loop at low zoom levels in preview PDF view
>  *  Removed all 10.3-only code paths and hacks
>  *  Switched to non-deprecated methods for loading/saving documents
>  *  Partial data warning is no longer displayed when there is no data in a 
> file/pasteboard
>  *  No longer use remote root for help book, which hopefully works around 
> Apple Help flakiness
>  *  Export menu items changed to Save As
>  *  Try to fix pasted strings when they have invalid BibTeX (no cite keys)
>  *  Fix some alignment issues in the previewer panel
>  *  Revised error messages when saving encounters a TeX conversion or 
> encoding problem
>  *  Fix potential crash when a UTI was NULL
>  *  Removed ILCrashReporter, since SourceForge changed their e-mail service 
> and broke delivery
>  *  Fixed tracking rects to use the displayed publications, so hovering over 
> a URL/file displayes the correct status message
>  *  File content search scores are now correct
>  *  Worked around Apple bug in -[NSDictionary valueForKey:] that causes an 
> exception with an empty string as key
>  *  Fixed typo in RSS export template (bug #1578088)
>  *  Adding a new publication while a static group is selected will now add 
> the pub to the group or warn as appropriate
>  *  Fixed assertion failure when creating a new pub with multiple groups 
> selected
>  *  Editor can now be shown for uneditable (shared/external) items
>  *  Fixed another encoding error that wasn't caught when parsing a file 
> (exception was raised instead of an error message)
>  *  File content index is updated after setting all fields of an item
>  *  Worked around Apple bug with undo in sheets
>  *  Selection after closing the file content search should work reliably, 
> and table is now first responder after canceling content search
>  *  Animation transition for file content search should be smoother
>  *  Converted all nibs to 10.2+ format
>  *  Added workaround for bug #1584054, PubMed no longer inserts a comma 
> between last name and first name (so reliable name parsing is impossible)
>  *  Use standard icon when multiple files are being dragged
>  *  Escaped braces and double-quotes are now  handled correctly when parsing 
> annote/asbstract fields (bug #1589250)
>  *  Ensure that the Internet Config download location exists before trying 
> to use it (bug #1588716)
>  *  MDItem is now used to get file comment strings, which allows us to 
> remove a nasty hack to work around Finder problems
>  *  Orphaned file finder now displays correct tooltips, shows the correct 
> file, and copies the correct paths (bug #1591733)
>  *  Original file extension is used in preset formats instead of ".pdf" (bug 
> #1591765)
>  *  Key field in editor should be selected more reliably
>  *  Fixed some issues with reverting a document to previously saved state
>  *  Groups are now resorted when smart groups update and are sorted by count
>  *  Enabled more compiler warnings and fixed a few sleeper bugs
>  *  We now use fixed stack buffers instead of alloca()
>  *  TeX command parsing is slightly faster
>  *  BibTeX file loading is faster, due to more field name caching and more 
> efficient date object creation
>  *  Fixed crasher while editing custom types (bug #1596532)
>  *  Fixed AppleScript selection (bug #1596567)
>  *  Fixed group subsorting
>  *  TeX tasks log more detailed info and correctly check the NSTask return 
> value
>  *  Fixed EndNote XML export (bug #1594134)
>  *  TeX character conversion is now less strict, and tries only known 
> conversions and latin characters with accents (bug #1596267)
>  *  Encodings that we can't parse correctly (16 and 32 bit encodings, 
> Shift-JIS, others) are now converted to UTF-8
>  *  Add to Bibliography service now creates a new document if necessary
>  *  PubMed items without a trailing newline are now parsed correctly
>  *  Fixed a race condition in temporary file creation
>  *  Chewable items folder is now used for temp files instead of 
> NSTemporaryDirectory(), so cleanup is done by the OS
>  *  Use CFUUID instead of NSProcessInfo for unique strings when creating 
> temp files, since NSProcessInfo is not thread-safe
>  *  Remove the public.plain-text UTI declaration for text documents, as it 
> prevents many documents from being dropped on the dock icon (bug #1576949)
>  *  \href tags are stripped from URL fields when opening, in case people use 
> this kludge
>  *  Fixed memory leaks in PS to PDF conversion (used in the editor drawer)
>  *  BibTeX-sniffing regex now allows whitespace before and after cite keys, 
> and uses the correct character set for cite keys
>  *  Closing a document with many errors is faster
>  *  LaTeX string copying no longer includes a bibliography environment
>  *  An alert is now displayed when annote/abstract/rss-description has 
> unbalanced braces
>  *  TeX task is more careful about file encodings
>  *  Fixed bug #1630955.  Autofile, autogenerate cite key and run script hook 
> whenever the user explicitly changes a field via an action or drag-and-drop.
>  *  Commas inside quoted macro values and macro values quoted by 
> double-quotes are now handled correctly (bug #1632553)
>  *  Can set crossref using drag-and-drop on the form
>  *  Duplicate single-valued fields in PubMed and RIS parsing are now given a 
> new field name, instead of adding them to the previous value
>  *  Separator from preferences is used to divide multi-valued fields when 
> parsing PubMed and RIS, instead of always using comma
>  *  Autogeneration and script hooks are now activated by drag-and-drop on an 
> editor field
>  *  Fixed test for crossref equality when comparing items
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