[OS X TeX] Latin Modern fonts broken in the latest gwTeX i-Package

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Jan 25 09:12:37 EST 2007

Le 25 janv. 07 à 14:11, John Rawnsley a écrit :

> I have a clean install of gwTeX and it just has lm.map.
> If I pdflatex the minimal example I am told that lmmi10 and
> lmex10 are missing. Locate in terminal tells the .pfb's are
> present so there has to be a reason why they are not being used.
> So I checked lm.map, and indeed these fonts do not have an entry.
> I downloaded the lm.map from CTAN and it is 2K larger than the
> one in gwTeX. Having replaced the gwTeX lm.map by the one on
> CTAN and rerun the Configure stage of i-Installer, the problem
> goes away for me.

You're right, of course. I should have thought of that. The  
difference between lm.map from TeXLive-2007 and lm.map from gwTeX (as  
revealed by FileMerge) turns out to be exactly the content of lm- 

Thus, running:

	sudo -H updmap-sys --enable Map lm-math.map

should solve your problem.

Actually, the version of Latin Modern in gwTeX seems a mixture of  
recent (v 1.01, 16.01/2007) and older (v 1.00, 13/04/2006), while  
TeXLive contains the recent version fully. For example, the Latin  
Modern doc in gwTeX belongs to the older version, while the PFBs  
belong to the newer version. Looking at lm-hist.txt in TeXLive, we see:

Ver. 1.010, 16.01.2007:
* LaTeX support fixed and enhanced with LM math (thanks to Marcin
* math text metric files (rm-*.tfm) provided

Regarding the MAP files, the ones in gwTeX are dated 21/01/2007 while  
those in TeXLive are dated 22/01/2007. An update of LM has indeed  
taken place in between, but its shouldn't affect the MAP files given  
the only change should be, according again to lm-hist.txt:

22.01.2007: no version change
* Lithuanian *.fd files corrected (reported by Sigitas Tolusis): L7X - 
 > L7x

Bruno (perplexed)
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