[OS X TeX] PDFViewer (was: Re: [carbon-emacs:172] search and inverse search)

Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Wed May 16 06:21:32 EDT 2007


I've thought it would be appropriate to sent this out to the MacOSX-TeX 
list too.

PDFView is a great relieve in viewing pdfs while typesetting in Emacs, 
despite of problems that I am getting with it. (Sorry for not trying 
PDFView earlier.)

BTW, not only the automatic switch back and forth between the pdf files 
and Emacs doesn't work (with "\usepackage{pdfsync}" in the preamble of 
the tex file), but also I am not getting:

- the search through the pdf file in PDFView:
Cmd+F (or Edit -> Find -> Find...) prompts the Search box in the side bar, 
but then it can not find any occurrences of what I type in it.

- Copy (in the pdf) -> Paste in the search box doesn't respond
(Ctrl+Y pastes persistently a word that I had in the Emacs ring at some 
point yesterday :)

Nevertheless, I like the PDFViewer a lot, and would like it as a pdf 
viewer after simpdftex (for dvips dependencies). This should be handled 
with some script.


  On Wed, 16 May 2007, Roussanka Loukanova wrote:

> On Tue, 15 May 2007, Roussanka Loukanova wrote:
> Just to say that I've got the problem with TeXShop solved (as described 
> below), but not the forward and backward jump between PDF and Emacs.
>> Hi again,
>> On Tue, 15 May 2007, Kasper Daniel Hansen wrote:
>> ...
>> I've downloaded PDFViewer, and put the code given at
>> <http://pdfview.sourceforge.net/latex.html> in my .emacs.
>> I use Seiji's Carbon Emacs (the latest download).
>> PDFViewer indeed displays the pdf files really nice, and updates the pdf
>> automatically (unlike Preview, which is very frustrating). This works in
>> both TeX distrs (by commenting off "\usepackage{pdfsync}" if gwTeX is
>> active).
>> But I have some problems, i.e., I do not get some things right:
>>> Anyway, to use these two programs you need to use "pdfsync", essentially
>>> that just means you need to add a
>>> \usepackage{pdfsync}
>>> to your latex file.
>> I've done this. The pdfsync is included in TeXLive-2007, and I've
>> activated it via the System Prefs pane.
>>> The way you use it is C-c C-c from AUCTeX
>> - The small problem:
>> After the latex command (C-c C-c) in PDFLaTeX mode, C-c C-c issues the
>> script command:
>> View command: /Applications/PDFView.app/Contents/MacOS/gotoline.sh 155
>> /Users/rosi/Documents/drafts/test.pdf
>> PDFViewer opens (or re-opens) on a point in the PDF page corresponding to
>> the LaTeX line (in this instance, 155). But the PDFViwer windows stays on
>> the background behind the Emacs's window. Is it supposed to be so? I
>> assume this is good for a large desk display (I'm only on a MacBook Pro).
>> Is there way to set up PDFView to pop-up its window to the front of Emacs?
>> - The big problems:
>>> and from the pdf viewer to emacs you do a CMD+click.
>> This does not work. I see that pdfsync.sty is loaded from the output
>> buffer's line:
>> (/usr/local/texlive/2007/texmf-dist/tex/latex/pdfsync/pdfsync.sty)
> This continues to be a problem.
>> - And even a bigger problem:
>> From Emacs, with Tex-Pdf mode disabled, C-c C-c issues
>> View command: open file.dvi
>> TeXShop starts up, but without displaying the file.pdf, both in
>> TeXLive-2007 and in gwTeX. I have the default for viewing the dvi files:
>> it had worked before downloading PDFView.
> Repeatedly  after some downloads, I have experienced the above problem with 
> TeXShop, and got it solved in the following way:
> I opened a tex file in TeXShop, unchecked
> TeXShop > Preferences > On Startup > Configure for External Editor
> I run Typeset successfully. Then I checked TeXShop > Preferences > On Startup 
>> Configure for External Editor
> (I have the impression that (un)checking this feature does not matter, i.e., 
> it seems dysfunctions.)
> Then, with Tex-Pdf mode disabled,
> "View command: open file.dvi"
> from Emacs creates and opens a pdf file (unsatisfactory as it has always 
> been: without updating the pdf and always on p.1)
> Roussanka

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