[OS X TeX] Re: Lucida Bright from Y&Y and TexLive

Gordon Sick sick at ucalgary.ca
Sat Sep 1 14:01:04 EDT 2007

Thanks to a quick response from Rick Gray, I went to a posting with  
Bruno's latest instructions on this, and found that they do work.  
Bruno's instructions are detailed because he covers all cases. But,  
if you are like me and just use Latex and want to have this run on  
your own user space on your machine (not for other users), I've  
distilled the instructions, as below:

Installing Y&Y Lucida in Tex Live on Mac OSX
Notes by Gordon Sick, September 1 2007

The Tex Live distribution is now missing some of the support files  
for using Lucida Bright, perhaps because of some licencing issues.  
These instructions summarize the necessary elements from a posting by  
Bruno Voisin, which covers more than the basics, at

These instructions assume that you have already installed the Lucida  
pfb files in
This is your own local texmf tree and it has the wonderful advantage  
that it doesn't get killed when you update your operating system, or  
migrate to a new machine. You can also install them for all users of  
your machine in one of the system-wide trees, like
but then you risk losing them when you move your system to a new hard  

The crucial step is to follow Bruno's Step 3 in the link above. His  
instructions have you installing everything system-wide, but I'm  
tired of updating my operating system and panicking to realize that  
I've got to fix the Lucida fonts. Thus, I'll install them in my own  
user local texmf tree. The only disadvantage is that if other users  
are on your machine, they can't use Lucida Bright.

1. Get the LaTex style, metric and map files from CTAN, since they  
aren't part of the TexLive distribution:


When you unzip this, you get a folder that contains subfolders: doc,  
fonts, source, tex.

2. Copy the subtree structure of fonts to your own local fonts  
subtree. The easiest way to do this is with ditto in the Terminal  
command line. I ran sudo ditto because it complained that some files  
couldn't be moved (they weren't files listed by Bruno, so maybe you  
don't need to do use sudo, but you do want to use ditto:

sudo ditto Installers/lucida/fonts/ ~/Library/texmf/fonts/

Here, replace "Installers" by the link to the name of the folder that  
contains the unzipped lucida folder from CTAN. You can get that  
folder name into the terminal by dragging it into the terminal.

3. Copy the documentation subtree with the command line:

ditto Installers/lucida/doc/ ~/Library/texmf/doc/

4. Enable the map file in the command line:

sudo updmap-sys --enable Map lucida.map

You'll want to follow Bruno's full instructions if you want this to  
work with Plain Tex and/or make the Lucida Tex fonts available system- 

Previous post by me:
> Gary et al
> This doesn't work for me, unfortunately.
> I've got the Y&Y Lucida fonts and had them working under Gerben's  
> teTeX. But, now they don't work with TexLive.
> The instructions below ran OK, but I can't compile something with  
> Lucida. It complains that it can't find hlcrima.
> When I tried earlier instructions from Bruno Voisin
> sudo updmap --enable Map lucidabr.map
> it complained that it couldn't find lucidabr.map
> I've searched and can't find lucidabr.map on the web. Suggestions,  
> please and thanks.
> --cheers, Gordon Sick
> On 30-Aug-07, at 6:00 PM, Gary L. Gray wrote:
>> Subject: Re: [OS X TeX] MacTeX update kills Lucida?
>> From: "Gary L. Gray" <gray at engr.psu.edu>
>> Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 16:50:46 -0400
>> I think you should be able to simply run:
>> sudo updmap-sys
>> Let us know if this works.
>> Regards,
>>    Gary

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