~/Library/texmf (was Re: [OS X TeX] Does not find my private texmf tree)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Sep 6 08:01:51 EDT 2007

Le 6 sept. 07 à 11:17, Josep M. Font a écrit :

> Moreover, I made a mistsake in a earlier message. When I said
>> Anyway, moving my private texmf tree as advised [to ~/texmf] by  
>> Richard solved the issue temporarily,
> I was wrong. After several trials, I see my TeX does not find  
> anything in my directory, neither inside nor outside my ~/Library,  
> neither directly there nor inside other subdirectories. This  
> happens for the two users of my computer.
> I can't imagine what is happening. I will upgrade everything as  
> soon as I can.

Given you reported that (in essence)

	kpsewhich -show-path=tex -progname=latex| tr : '\n'

returns the standard


and that

	kpsewhich texmf.cnf



and that this texmf.cnf contains the standard setting


then the problem must lie elsewhere.

Possibility 1: When invoking latex, say, a LaTeX binary from some  
other distribution is used (Fink, MacPorts, ...). Given you invoke  
LaTeX through TeXShop, I see this as rather unlikely, but who knows.  
Try, in Terminal,

	which latex

You should get


Possibility 2: Something isn't as it should in TeXShop's prefs. What  
do the 6 boxes in the Engine prefs contain? Also, are you using  
specific engine files that you have written yourself, in ~/Library/ 
TexShop/Engines/ say?

Possibility 3: Some files in the hidden directory ~/.texlive2007/ are  
taking precedence over those in ~/Library/texmf/.

Possibility 4: Do you, by any chance, have a hidden file ~/.MacOSX/ 
environment.plist? This file is very convenient when you want to  
customize your environment and you are a programmer who knows exactly  
what he/she's doing, but for normal people just following someone  
else's instructions it has been creating a number of problems in the  

Some tests to try:

- Reduce your problem to a test file that people here could try, and  
provide the corresponding console (or .log) output telling what the  
problem is.

- Identify one file that TeXShop complains it's not finding in the  
console output, and which you know is indeed present in ~/Library/ 
texmf/, and report the output of kpsewhich for that file. Namely, if  
TeXShop complains it's not finding myfile.sty say, then report the  
output of

	kpsewhich myfile.sty

Hope this helps,

Bruno Voisin
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