[OS X TeX] Can't see ligatures with lucida fonts in pdf files

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Apr 3 11:41:43 EDT 2008

Le 27 mars 08 à 19:39, Bruno Voisin a écrit :

> Le 27 mars 08 à 18:01, Chris Goedde a écrit :
>> I'm working on my home iMac, using the lucida fonts, which I don't  
>> do very often. The ligatures are missing from the pdf output, and  
>> (it seems) ONLY from the pdf files. This is true for files that I  
>> TeX here or for files that I TeXed yesterday on my work machine. If  
>> I open up a pdf on my iMac (in Preview or TeXShop), I don't see the  
>> ligatures. If I copy the exact same files to my laptop, I do see  
>> the ligatures in Preview and TeXShop. This is independent of where  
>> I created the pdf files---even if the file was TeXed on the iMac,  
>> the ligatures don't appear on the iMac but do on the laptop.
>> I wouldn't have thought this was possible. Can someone explain  
>> what's happening and how to fix it or what I should look for? Both  
>> machines are running 10.5.2 and MacTeX.
> Remedy: use Font Book to disactivate the Microsoft Lucida fonts,  
> possibly logout/in (I don't remember whether it's necessary), and  
> reopen the PDF file prepared by TeX. Of course, by doing this you'll  
> lose the possibility of using these fonts with GUI applications such  
> as MS Office.

BTW, Chris, since you seem to be online, could you clarify what the  
problem was and what solution you eventually used?

I doubt that my suggested remedy worked, as I can't see how the  
problem with duplicate Lucida fonts at the OS level would affect  
TeXShop. Or maybe you used XeTeX and called the OS fonts?

In any case I'm interested to know what the problem actually was and  
what the solution has actually been.


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