[OS X TeX] compiling miktex tools

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Wed Apr 9 15:14:10 EDT 2008

Alex Hamann wrote:
> thanks, but unfortunately due to my limited skills I need further 
> assistance to get this working.
> here is the content of the file you told me to edit. Please, where 
> exactly do I have to ad what? Sorry if it should be obvious but this is 
> beyond me and I want to make sure not to screw it up.
> /usr/bin/c++    -O2 -g -dynamiclib -headerpad_max_install_names  -o
> ../../../../../../../binlib/libMiKTeX207-lzma.2.7.2960.dylib -install_name
> /Users/Shared/miktex-2.7.2960/binlib/libMiKTeX207-lzma.1.dylib
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/__/__/__/__/C/7zCrc.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/__/__/__/__/C/Alloc.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/__/__/__/__/C/Compress/Lz/MatchFinder.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/__/__/Common/InBuffer.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/__/__/Common/OutBuffer.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/__/__/Common/StreamUtils.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/__/LZ/LZOutWindow.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/__/RangeCoder/RangeCoderBit.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/LZMADecoder.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/LZMAEncoder.o"
> "CMakeFiles/MiKTeX207-lzma.dir/lzma-miktex.o"
> -L/Users/Shared/miktex-2.7.2960/binlib

Despite its strange appearance, this is a simple text file consisting of 
one line. You can add -single_module anywhere (after c++) on this line. 
Just make sure that you leave a space before and after -single_module, 
and use an editor like pico or vi that does not break this line (TeXShop 
should be OK, too).


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