[OS X TeX] New color theme in beamer

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Tue Apr 22 17:41:24 EDT 2008

At 4:22 PM -0400 4/22/08, Jesse Blocher wrote:
>I'm trying to create my own color theme in Beamer using the Univ of 
>North Carolina colors (none of the defaults are that close).
>I've used LaTeX a bit, but this is my first attempt customizing in 
>this way - I'm not sure I'm doing it right.
>I took the "beaver" color theme beamercolorthemebeaver.sty and 
>edited it to create a new .sty file with the correct rgb color tuple.
>But now I get this error:
>LaTeX Warning: You have requested package `beamercolorthemetarheel',
>                but the package provides `beamercolorthemebeaver'.
>Package: beamercolorthemebeaver 2007/01/28  (rcs-revision 1.2)
>and it defaults to the default theme.
>Do I need to "compile" the .sty file or otherwise "install" it or 
>something? I was treating it like a configuration file of sorts, but 
>obviously that's not the solution.

This isn't the source of the problem. This is just a warning which 
says (basically) that you didn't change the \ProvidesPackageRCS lines 
in the files you changed.  It is not an error, and can be ignored. 
(It's also easy to fix.) But my modified beamer themes all work, and 
throw up the same warning (since I forgot to change those lines.)

Since you are getting the default theme (although I'm not sure I know 
what that means for  you), there there's something else wrong with 
your document. Can you reduce your problem to a small single frame 
document and post it and the error log here? (Also put \listfiles as 
the first line of your document.)


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