[OS X TeX] LaTeX2html Basics?

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Apr 27 15:45:55 EDT 2008

On 28/04/2008, at 1:53 AM, David Watson wrote:
> From what I understand, they don't want you to do the "make"  
> process, they suggested that you install fink

If you are going to install  fink  then you might as well
install LaTeX2HTML from  fink  as well.
It does a very good job with most mathematics,
provided your own LaTeX source is relatively "clean"
(in the sense of using logical markup).

> and then afterwards, you need to "fink install hevea" which will  
> take care of all of that stuff for you.
> As for compiling anything from source, via fink or "make", you will  
> likely be required to install the XCode/Developer Tools from your  
> installer DVD or from developer.apple.com.

Hope this helps,


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