[OS X TeX] LaTeX2html Basics?

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Apr 27 17:55:53 EDT 2008

Am 27.04.2008 um 17:31 schrieb Richard J Benish:

> I assume you mean entering these commands into the preamble of the  
> to-be-converted document.

Of course.

> When I try that, the rendering hangs up more (I need to press Enter  
> more to keep it going).

Does it work to produce DVI or PDF output? What are messages that  
make you press enter?

> In the end I get the same thing as before: a lot of question marks  
> where the equations are supposed to be.

Did you tell your browser (HTML viewer) to use the encoding specified  
in the HTML file?

> Does it matter exactly where in the preamble the commands are entered?

Sometimes. Usually such things are documented. For example for the  
hyperref package. Or the cmap package. The ifpdf documentation does  
not mention this, but from thought you can tell that loading this  
package should happen rather early.

> Could there be a conflict with any of the other commands?

Which commands? TeX4ht does not like \DeclareGraphicsExtensions{},  
HeVeA does not like \immediate\write16{} ...

> As for HeVeA, assuming that I was able to figure out how to achieve  
> a "working OCaml installation," at what stage do I invoke "make"  
> and "sudo make install"? And what exactly does that mean?

The invocation of the first make is necessary to compile the target  
files somewhere in your home directory. Then nothing is installed  
(just as your dinner is in some pots and not yet served in dishes on  
the table), so you need to install. This is usually done by 'make  
install', which cannot work when the installation goes into the  
system's area, because by default you do not have the permission to  
change there anything. So you need to use sudo to become the super- 
user for the act of installation.



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