[OS X TeX] User Friendly LaTeX to HTML Converter?

Michael Sharpe msharpe at ucsd.edu
Mon Apr 28 17:52:46 EDT 2008

The newly released texmaker 1.7


has a no-configuration latex to html converter. It converts one page  
at a time, as for slides.


On Apr 28, 2008, at 2:08 PM, Richard J Benish wrote:

>> You haven't really said what you're trying to accomplish. Maybe if  
>> you gave us some idea of what you're trying to do, someone could  
>> suggest some alternatives.
> At the beginning of the initial thread (LaTeX2html Basics?)  
> concerning this topic I mentioned my desire to convert portions of a  
> long paper to html. (That thread digressed a bit, so I started a new  
> one.)
> I should add that I am especially concerned about having the  
> equations come out looking good -- both inline equations (and math- 
> related symbols, etc.) and display equations.
> SimpleTeX4ht did a decent job of converting the text part to html,  
> but left the equations as question marks. One correspondent, who  
> appeared to be much more savvy than I, mentioned that he also had to  
> struggle to get SimpleTeX4ht to work properly. He recognized the  
> symptoms, but could not remember the fix.
> Richard Koch has kindly recommended a way to basically start over  
> with a new install of TeXShop and SimpleTeX4ht, that sounds like it  
> should work. But I have a slow internet connection, so I'd have to  
> use a friend's machine to download the latest version, etc...  
> Inconvenient, but perhaps this is my best option.
> Grateful for all the help.
> Richard Benish

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