[OS X TeX] Generating Medical forms with LaTeX on OS X

culley harrelson harrelson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 09:56:52 EST 2008

Hi everyone,

I am writing here because I am a long time Mac user.  If I should be  
posting elsewhere please let me know!

My wife is independent small scale medical professional who is  
responsible for generating her own medical forms.  Do you think LaTeX  
would be a good option for this endeavor?  Think about medical forms  
you have seen, or just about any other printed form.  Tables with  
labels for each field, little checkboxes etc.

If not LaTeX, could you recommend another product/format?  LaTeX is a  
fairly large undertaking so I want to make sure I am making the right  
decision before I sink in a bunch of time.


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