[OS X TeX] %^M in Mac-produced .tex file

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 16 15:59:35 EST 2008

On 16 jan 2008, at 20:44, David Romano wrote:

> A colleague sent me a  collection of files (produced in a Mac  
> environment) that make up a book he's writing, but I can't get my  
> tex setup to produce the right output.  I'm not exaclty sure where  
> to begin, but I'll try with this:  I'm on a linux machine reading  
> his source file
> for the first chapter in Emacs, and I find the entire file is in one  
> line, littered with %^M and ^M throughout.  This is very difficult  
> to navigate, and so -- assuming  that these characters must be some  
> kind of end of line characters from the Mac-- I removed one and  
> created a newline, but then TeX balked, claiming a $ was missing  
> somewhere.

Mac line breaks. tr '\r '\n' < original.tex > new.tex on all sources  
should do the trick. To TeX this should not matter. Which tex are you  
using on Linux? The tex that came with the distribution? In that case  
upgrade to texlive asap. More help is probably available on usenet in  
the comp.text.tex group.


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