[OS X TeX] MacTeX installation

David Airey david.airey at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Jan 24 13:55:33 EST 2008

I previously posted about linking up with BBEdit and found out that  
maybe my TeX installation is not quite right. However, I have checked  
my file locations against the page describing where everything should  
have been put:


and it seems that everything is fine. Yet Maarten found this was not  
the case. MacTeX installations says it does this after installing:

"When the TeX Live install script finishes, it prints a message  
suggesting that users modify their PATH variable appropriately. MacTeX  
modifies both PATH and MAN entries automatically. This modification is  
done using scripts from Gerben Wierda and is consistent with his TeX  

Could this have gone wrong? How do I check that this was in fact done  

The reason I ask is because some R scripts also told me I don't have a  
working TeX installation or that my PATH is not set appropriately. So  
I'm wondering if Gerben Wierda's scripts failed?

I'm using Leopard 10.5.1.

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