[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.3.14

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Thu Jan 24 18:57:34 EST 2008

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
1.3.14 is now available for download at http:// 
bibdesk.sourceforge.net.  This release fixes a number of bugs and has  
some significant improvements in file content searching, so we  
encourage you to upgrade from 1.3.13 as soon as possible.  Remember,  
upgrades are free.

Thanks to all of you who provided feedback on 1.3.13 via the bug  
trackers, and please continue to do so if you have problems.  I'm sure  
there's still a bug or two lurking in there.

Full release notes are included for perusal at your leisure.

Changes since 1.3.13

New Features
   - Can now filter publications in the person window by field and  
name, and have better control over changing names
   - Linked files now display Finder label colors, and context menu  
can be used to set label
   - Added "Remove" and "Trash" context menu to linked files
   - File content search indexes are now saved to disk, so should be  
regenerated less often
   - Punctuation is ignored when sorting
   - File content search results now display all pubs and files in  
case a file is associated with multiple items
   - Skim notes and Finder labels of linked files are scriptable
   - URL downloading is available via the linked URL context menu

Bugs Fixed
   - Exceptions are always logged to the console now
   - Worked around a drawing performance problem on 10.5 (bug #1834337)
   - Multiple URLs and webloc files are now handled correctly when  
dropping (last minute bug that crept in before release)
   - Updated help on input manager for 10.5
   - Fixed bug #1870501, crossref field not displayed after adding it  
in editor
   - Crossref arrow is no longer displayed when the crossref field is  
   - Fix bug #1807875, character conversion did not properly handle  
composed accented characters (in this case a dipthong with a macron)
   - A more informative error is now displayed when trying to save/ 
export RIS or LTB with an incorrect encoding, which hopefully fixes  
bug #1833004
   - Fixed exception when displaying an encoding error
   - Changed context menu "Remove Smart Group" to "Remove Group"
   - Fixed bugs in scripting dictionary
   - File pane's drop message now scales and doesn't break words
   - Improved error messages in format parsing
   - Convert XML entities in URL strings when getting fallback RSS for  
a publication
   - Check whether the URL of a file can be resolved before converting  
   - Fix bug 1871811, add pub from clipboard resulted in non-editable  
   - Modern string drawing and size calculations used for group display
   - Improved determination of whether a file is in the trash when  
reopening files from last session
   - Fix bug #1873247, string fragments with unbalanced braces no  
longer cause errors in format parsing
   - Backslash-escaped braces are no longer ignored when computing  
brace depth
   - Key combo box of new smart group condition is now selected
   - Added status display for new local file and remote URL columns
   - Fixed a crash problem with OmniAppKit's sheet queuing (bug  
   - Smart group contents now update properly when an edit adds/ 
removes an item from the group
   - Preview of local file format displays relative path instead of  
tilde-abbreviated path
   - Clipboard is now allowed as a parameter for "export using  
template" in AppleScript, which works around Apple's rich text bugs
   - Level indicator cells are now clipped properly
   - Spotlight search goo is now stripped when opening a file in  
response to Spotlight
   - Document searches are now performed asynchronously, which  
improves performance with very large files
   - Level indicator cells now draw their content correctly centered
   - Worked around Apple's splitview resizing bugs in the main window  
so the divider doesn't creep upwards
   - Failure to convert username when saving a file is no longer a  
critical error

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