[OS X TeX] missing symbols in mathptmx with pdftex

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Mon Jan 28 22:18:05 EST 2008

On Jan 28, 2008, at 10:13 PM, Nathan Sanders wrote:

> A friend of mine discovered that some math symbols do not show up in  
> Adobe Acrobat (v5.0, if it matters) for a PDF created by pdftex  
> using mathptmx.  The following minimal example illustrates the  
> problem:
> \documentclass{article}
> \usepackage{mathptmx}
> \begin{document}
> \[
>     \sum_{k=1}^{\infty}\frac{1}{k^2}
> \]
> \end{document}
> If this is run through pdftex and viewed in Acrobat, the summation  
> symbol is missing.  However, if dvips is used instead, or if the  
> pdftex PDF is viewed in another viewer (Preview, Skim, etc.),  
> everything is just fine.
> Is this a known issue with a known fix?  Preferably something simple  
> (my friend is not very TeX-handy) that allows him to use mathptmx,  
> pdftex, and Acrobat (to suit his various needs/wants)?
> ==========
> Can anyone else replicate this?  This only response I got on c.t.t  
> was from someone who couldn't replicate it with tetex.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Under 10.5.1, the output from your code displays perfectly in Preview  
and Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.1.1. Sorry I couldn't be of more  
help, but has your friend tried a more recent version of Acrobat?

-- Gary

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