[OS X TeX] Re: MacOSX-TeX Digest, Vol 8, Issue 25

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Jul 1 11:44:39 EDT 2008

Le 28 juin 08 à 19:32, Lionel Lovitch a écrit :

> Just yesterday, excuse me please for writing about something
> that is nor TeX or LaTeX, under Leopard
> <screenshot_02.jpg>
> I had a similar problem with dylib etc. when I tried to run
> the Gimpshop application. You can see a report in the attached doc.

Did you, by any chance, install fontconfig using i-Installer?

There's something broken in Leopard regarding X11: Leopard, even if  
not using /usr/local/bin, places it before /usr/X11/bin in PATH.  
Hence, components installed by i-Installer in /usr/local may take  
precedence over those already in /usr/X11, causing version  
incompatibilities. I think the latest i-Packages take additional  
precautions to avoid this.

That said, in your case I suspect the problem is simply that Gimpshop  
isn't compatible with Leopard: see <http://www.gimpshop.com/download.shtml 
 > which only mentions 10.3/10.4.

Did you try the Gimp port from Wilbur Loves Apple <http://darwingimp.sourceforge.net/download.html 
 >? I know, Gimp's user interface is as impractical and un-Mac as can  
be, and reason why I've never managed to use Gimp more than 30 seconds  
before giving up and erasing it from my disk. The existence of  
Gimpshop could be reason to give it another try (even if I don't like  
palettes that much, devourers of screen estate, and prefer inspectors  
à la iWork or MS Office 2008).

Bruno Voisin

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