[OS X TeX] Re: hyperref/pdflatex position links incorrectly on sidewaystables

Martin Girschick mg_list at gmx.de
Thu Jul 3 08:04:33 EDT 2008

At 13:48 Uhr +0200 03.07.2008, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>I wonder which message you answered to, when creating your message. 
>Digest? Ironically enough, Apple's Mail considers your message as 
>belonging to the thread "New thread ?"

I just signed up to the list and didn't get any mails, so I checked 
the archive and copied the answer from there replying to an existing 
mail, that surely mixed up the headers - sorry. I now deactivated 
digest mode so everything should be fine. Sometimes I ask myself, 
whether newsgroups would be better - sadly this type of knowledge 
transfer seems to gradually fade away, replaced by forums (or in this 
case: mailing lists).

>The log indicates dvips failed to generate a PS file and the whole 
>process stopped (ie, ps2pdf wasn't launched to convert the PS file 
>to PDF). The PDF you're seeing must be the remaining PDF from when 
>you used pdfTeX.

That's what I thought at first, so I trashed the PDF - still it got 
somehow "reproduced". Now I see why: When changing to 
TeX+Ghostscript, simpdftex is called and somehow this calls pdfeTeX 
which directly produces the PDF and no DVI file. Do I have to add any 
specific options to remove all usepackage pdftex-options?


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