[OS X TeX] LatexIt 1.15.0 and MacTex errors

Jack Stalnaker jstalnaker at louisiana.edu
Fri Jul 4 11:40:52 EDT 2008


I joined this list because I saw that a reader in the past has had the  
same problem I had. I was hoping it had been resolved, but I'm having  
no luck.

My problem lies with the new version of LatexIt and MacTex. The  
LatexIt version is 1.15.0. All previous versions of LatexIt have  
functioned with no problem whatsoever. However, the new version fails  
with a cryptic error message:

"unexpected error, please see "Latex->Display last log"

Now I'm fairly TeX/LaTeX savvy. I've written a few classes and styles,  
but this message is beyond me. The log seems fine. Running the  
generated .tex file through pdflatex in the Terminal or in TexShop  
works fine. The paths are set correctly in LatexIt (in fact I can copy  
and past the script in the log to the command line and it works  
perfectly). It's almost as though LatexIt is seeing something as an  
error that is in fact not an error.

The log ends with the line:

--------------- error while processing pdflatex ---------------

I downloaded an older version of LatexIt, and with the same  
preferences, it works fine. I've deleted the plist, etc. Nothing seems  
to work.

For reference, here is the "old" discussion in this list:


Also, this same error occurs on two of my macs, a Macbook Pro and a  
Mac Pro. Both have 10.5.4 installed, and the latest version of MacTex.  
I am sorry to post this here on the OS X Tex group, but 1.15.0 of  
LatexIt is in MacTex-Extras.dmg (though an older version is in the  
MacTex.dmg), and I can't seem to find any support links on the LatexIt  

Thanks in advance,

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